"Infinite money glitch": What is PewDiePie Infinity Stream? Popular YouTuber's Twitch channel starts streaming old videos on loop

PewDiePie Infinity explained (Image via Sportskeeda)
PewDiePie Infinity explained (Image via Sportskeeda)

PewDiePie InfinityStream has become the talk of the streaming world since the Twitch channel belonging to the popular YouTuber abruptly started streaming his own old videos to thousands of viewers live. The official Twitch channel of popular YouTuber and content creator Felix "PewDiePie" was inactive for years until the "infinity thing" started a few days ago. Online personalities and fans have dubbed it an "infinite money glitch" because of the sheer amount of content it can throw out to the public by recycling old videos.

As pointed out by Seth Fowler on Twitter, Felix has over 4000 videos on YouTube - 4.7K to be more precise. The vast library of videos gives the channel an almost endless supply of content that can be played on loop, as fans tune in to watch the stream, generating money through ad revenue and subscriptions.

"No hack": Popular YouTuber partners with CoPilot Media to run PewDiePie Infinity Stream on Twitch

The fact PewDiePie's Twitch channel suddenly started streaming after almost five years of inactivity sparked confusion, with many fans wondering if the account had been hacked by someone. It's not uncommon considering even the biggest tech YouTubers get hacked from time to time.

Tweets like the ones below claiming that the channel had been hacked started spreading across social media:

However, the truth is that the YouTuber appears to have partnered with CoPilot Media, an online media licensing and management company that helps content creators run their online channels.

To dispel the rumors about a potential hack, the CoPilot Media Twitch account, which was already a moderator when the stream started, explained how the first day had been a beta test for PewDiePie Infinity and that this was an official stream. It stated:

"PewDiePie ∞ will return in a few hours. There was no hack. This is an official channel. That was a quick beta test. Back in a bit."

The fact that the YouTuber's official videos on the red platform also refer to this stream with a link in the description lends further credibility to the stream.

The PewDiePie Infinity stream's USP is a 24/7 uninterrupted channel that is under the "Always On" category of Twitch. The genre has gained recent popularity among Twitch viewers with the AI-generated Seinfeld Parody show on the Watchmeforever channel that was embroiled in controversy over making a transphobic joke during one of its bits.

Twitter reactions to the new Always On channel on Twitch

Here are some of the many reactions to PewDiePie Infinity on social media:

Big streamers such as xQc have also reacted to the stream on Twitch, sharing their thoughts on the new venture.

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