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Is there a shiny Oshawatt in Pokemon GO?

Image Via Pokemon Wiki
Image Via Pokemon Wiki
Modified 10 Jan 2021, 02:52 IST

Unova Pokemon such as Oshawatt are currently the focus of Pokemon GO as the Unova Collection Challenge runs in the game. The Unova region's celebration also brings the same attention to the three starter Pokemon of that region, but do they all have a shiny variant to catch?

While the in-game models for shiny Oshawatt may have been leaked a while back, it is not available to catch in Pokemon GO. Unfortunately, there has been no word on when it will be available to catch in the wild.

Players will need to wait until a later event such as a water-type celebration or another Unova celebration. That's not guaranteed, but it is the most likely situation.

Other Unova Pokemon in the Pokemon GO Unova event

Players looking for a shiny Oshawatt are out of luck for the time being, but that doesn't mean the whole event is hopeless. For the Unova event currently running in Pokemon GO, shiny Snivy was added to the game for the first time.

Like most of the shiny Pokemon available in the game, getting a shiny Snivy is based purely on the luck of finding one in the wild. Depending on Pokemon GO events, the chances of finding one may be dialed up, but getting a shiny Snivy, for now, requires a lot of luck.

Snivy isn't the only Unova Pokemon that has a shiny version in the Unova Pokemon GO event. Pokemon such as Lillipup and Ferroseed also have shiny versions.


Shiny Lillipup can be found in the wild. However, while many players may want to evolve the shiny afterward, it, unfortunately, won't count towards the Unova Collection challenge.

The Unova Collection Challenge in Pokemon GO involves catching nine select Unova Pokemon in the wild. Among the nine Pokemon is Lillipup, and another is its first evolution, Herdier.

Herdier can also be caught in the wild or by completing select three-star raids, but it won't be shiny unless it evolved from Lillipup. But at least the shiny Lillipup will count for one part of the Unova Collection Challenge in Pokemon GO.

Ferroseed is another one of the shiny Pokemon available in the Unova event within Pokemon GO. Shiny Ferroseed can be caught in the wild like anything else. It can't be hatched in any eggs, but an encounter will start with a shiny Ferroseed if the field research for hatching two eggs is completed.

Published 10 Jan 2021, 02:52 IST
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