IShowSpeed gets swatted during livestream, forced to end it soon after

IShowSpeed gets swatted during a livestream (Image via Sportskeeda)
IShowSpeed gets swatted during a livestream (Image via Sportskeeda)

Darren "IShowSpeed" was in the middle of yet another tense situation during yesterday's livestream after he got swatted. Swatting is a process by which someone allegedly procures the address of a streamer and calls the police to their location under false pretenses.

Darren joins a long list of existing streamers who have been swatted on livestreams before. During the livestream, the YouTuber was surrounded by Cincinnati police officers who demanded that he switch off the livestream as the bewildered 19-year-old content creator looked on in disbelief. The clip immediately went viral, and many fans shared their reactions as the entire drama unfolded.

IShowSpeed handcuffed by police officers after getting swatted

The latest livestream of the controversial YouTuber was disrupted after Cincinnati police officers were seen handcuffing him as his cameraman tried to record the situation. IShowSpeed was agitated and pleaded his innocence. He cried out:

“Oh my god, bro. I swear I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do s**t.”

In the ensuing commotion, another police officer approached the cameraman and forced him to back away. He was later told to switch off the camera as well.

Interestingly enough, IShowSpeed got swatted less than 24 hours after fellow streamer and friend Adin Ross. Many fans have speculated that both the incidents may be related in some way.

Adin later took to Twitter to confirm that both Darren and himself were on the receiving end of hoax calls. He added that both the streamers were safe and mentioned that he would explain the situation in detail during a future stream.

Fans react as IShowSpeed gets swatted during a livestream

Fans were confused by the entire situation. Although many initially believed it was a prank, they expressed concern for IShowSpeed's safety once the stream ended abruptly.

Getting swatted is generally considered to be a dangerous prank to play on someone as it could lead to a dire situation. Here are a few tweets from fans reacting to the swatting:

Darren isn't the only streamer on Twitch who's been swatted recently. Other popular streamers such as xQc, ImperialHal, and NICKMERCS have all been in similar situations in the past.

The repercussions of getting caught making a hoax call to the police are very severe. However, this does not seem to deter swatters in the slightest.