IShowSpeed responds to KSI’s “soccer” dig ahead of England vs. USA FIFA World Cup match

IShowSpeed and KSI world cup banter (Image via Sportskeeda)
IShowSpeed and KSI world cup banter (Image via Sportskeeda)

As World Cup fever sweeps across the globe, KSI and IShowSpeed are having a Twitter battle hours before the England vs. USA Group B fixture in Qatar. The two YouTubers are known for their passion for football and have been rivals on and off the pitch since their clash during the Sidemen vs. YouTube All Stars charity game in September.

KSI made a post quipping about the American use of the term "soccer" when Darren "IShowSpeed" decided to retaliate with a reply of his own. The Ohio native wanted people to like his tweet, where he claimed that the US would beat their neighbors from across the pond in the actual game.

@KSI ratio were winning

England vs. USA World Cup match sparks IShowSpeed and KSI banter on Twitter

England will be looking to continue their World Cup bid after their resounding 6-2 victory over Iran this last Monday. Similarly, the USA will be aiming to get their first win in Qatar after their 1-1 draw with Wales.

The English YouTuber took to Twitter to exert dominance ahead of what is sure to be an amazing match by calling out the American side for their usage of the word "soccer."

There’s no way we lose to a country that call football, “soccer”.

The Twitter battle is far from over, as fans of both sides flocked to the two posts to help decide which country is better. However, at the time of writing, the USA seems to be trailing by at least 30,000 likes. Here is how social media reacted to the ratio battle with memes and other tactics:

@KSI There’s no way we lose to a country that call football, “soccer”.
@CHIPFAT_ @KSI england - iran 6-2wales - iran 0-2wales - usa 1-1pipe down
@KSI yall said something similar in 1776
@JefferyWerkins @KSI and 1950. In fact. I don't remember England ever beating USA in WC.
@ishowspeedsui @KSI no way USA is winning bro😉
@ishowspeedsui @KSI L ratio+England winning this wc

Many fans kept up with the memes, while others tried to defend the use of "soccer" as a legitimate synonym for the sport. Prominent Twitch streamer Esfand even shared a screenshot addressing the etymology, but some people vehemently rejected it:

@KSI Well you guys came up with the name
@ishowspeedsui @KSI Counter Ratio it’s called football
@EsfandTV @KSI Yer, its slang. The actual name is football
@ishowspeedsui @KSI Football is winning today

Darren and JJ's beef goes back months, and their friendly rivalry was at its peak during the Sidemen charity match. In that game, the 17-year-old American streamer decided to start off by tackling him to the ground with a foul from behind before celebrating.

What a tackle by speed🐐😭

That match was rife with drama as the two opposing sides scored a number of times, with Sideman FC finally beating their opponents with a one-goal lead in a highly competitive matchup. They had eight goals to YouTuber All-Star's seven at the end of the game.

The two content creators' iconic rivalry is perhaps best encapsulated by the picture below featuring IShowSpeed standing over KSI after a tackle later in the game.

Both YouTubers have millions of loyal fans who regularly watch their content. While KSI is a YouTuber veteran, IShowSpeed has had a meteoric rise in recent years, having amassed an impressive 13 million subscribers to his YouTube in a very short period of time. He will also be hosting a watch party for the England vs. USA match live, just like the one yesterday featuring Portugal vs. Ghana.

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