IShowSpeed's hilarious reaction to meeting Cristiano Ronaldo lookalike on stream leaves fans in splits

IShowSpeed genuinely shocked at the surprise guest(Image via Sportskeeda)
IShowSpeed genuinely shocked at the surprise guest (Image via Sportskeeda)

A clip of popular streamer Darren "IShowSpeed" seemingly meeting his soccer idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, is currently going viral on Twitter. It has gained more than a million views within hours of being posted.

On his most recent stream with Money Kicks, IShowSpeed's wild reaction to coming face-to-face with a Cristiano Ronaldo lookalike is what has got the community talking.

Known for being a die-hard fan of the Portuguese football star, Darren has recently made quite a lot of headlines with his visit to England and appearances at Manchester United matchups. Unfortunately, the two times he tried to watch Ronaldo play, the legendary soccer star was not included in the lineup.

Watch: IShowSpeed freaks out on stream after meeting Cristiano Ronaldo lookalike

In a stream sponsored by Paradox Crypto, the organizers brought out a mystery guest to shock Speed. Before the unknown individual walked in, the YouTuber covered his eyes, waiting to be surprised. When he removed his hands from his face, the Cristiano Ronaldo lookalike stood before him. He let out a shriek, and judging from this initial reaction, it appears that he might have thought the guest was actually the legendary soccer player.

Clearly in shock, the Ohio native endearingly hugged the impersonator, thinking it was Ronaldo. For several minutes, he was star-struck. Moreover, at one point, he even sank to the ground, overwhelmed. After the initial freakout, he apologized to "Ronaldo" for overreacting, telling him how he was a big fan and had been talking to his son for a long time:

"I'm sorry if I'm acting weird, Ronaldo. I've been talking to Junior for a long a*s time, I've been talking to Junior for a long a*s time, like literally a long, long, a very long time...."

Looking over at Money Kicks, the YouTuber reiterated his question of whether the individual he was seeing before him was indeed Ronaldo. He was reassured that it was, in fact, the Manchester United legend in the flesh.


Only after trying to get the impersonator to speak in Portuguese did IShowSpeed finally realize that the person was not Ronaldo. Around the 38-minute and 40-second mark, the streamer has this epiphany and can be seen angrily punching a PS5 box before raging out of the frame.

IShowSpeed was then calmed down by everyone, and he came back to explain his outburst. Subsequently, he said:

"Sorry, y'all. For getting angry bro, I really apologize man. For getting a little angry, you know. I kind of got a little angry, you know. Because I've been wanting to meet Ronaldo for a long time, you know. And, right here... and he just keeps laughing."

Social media reactions

Here is how Twitter reacted to IShowSpeed's freakout:

The Cristiano Ronaldo's lookalike IShowSpeed met was apparently Biwar Abdullah, a former Kurdish construction worker from northern Iraq. This information is based on his interview with The Sun from two years ago.

Biwar currently lives in the UK and has used his resemblance to the Portuguese soccer star to his benefit, becoming a professional lookalike at parties and other events.

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