Jacksepticeye raises over $10 million during 2022 Thankmas livestream, expresses gratitude to community

Jacksepticeye address the community after raising more than $10 million during 2022 Thankmas (Image via Jacksepticeye/YouTube)
Jacksepticeye address the community after raising over $10 million during 2022 Thankmas (Image via Jacksepticeye/YouTube)

On December 10, YouTube sensation Sean "Jacksepticeye" hosted the star-studded Thankmas 2022 livestream. The special broadcast was a charity event, with the proceeds going to World Central Kitchen.

Several notable personalities and celebrities joined the endeavor, including Rachell "Valkyrae," Connor "CDawgVA," Mark "Markiplier," Bella Poarch, Jack Black, and Chef Nyesha Arrington, along with a long list of others.

Jacksepticeye successfully raised over $10 million from the event and was emotional during the livestream's closing moments, while expressing his gratitude to the community.


"I think it's just sensational" - Jacksepticeye gets emotional and thanks community after raising $10 million during Thankmas livestream

At the 10-hour mark, Jacksepticeye was notified that the charity stream had surpassed $10 million in donations. He began to shed tears, saying that he would have been "shocked" if they even hit $2 million:

"I was like, 'Dude, if we hit $2 million today, I would be shocked and really, really happy.' Thank you, everyone! Now I am crying! Jesus Christ! Now I'm uncomfortable, I don't know what to do. Thank you, everyone, who just, helps out every year with this."

Sean recalled the previous year's Thankmas and speculated that this year's event would not cross the milestone:

"I mean, it always just blows past my expectations every year. We did like, $4 million, two years ago, and last year was $7.5 million. And the fact now that we've been passed; I didn't think we'd ever pass that, ever! That'll never happen. And now, here we are."

Timestamp: 10:07:24

The Irish YouTuber thanked World Central Kitchen for providing information, as well as demonstrating "tangible" aspects of how the donations will help benefit people. He added:

"I think it's absolutely remarkable the work you guys are doing, and it's not an easy task to do. To be able to coordinate that much effort. I think it's just sensational and I don't... I don't say that lightly. I'm not just like, blowing smoke up people's a**es, just to be like, 'Hey, we raised a lot of money!' It's genuinely inspiring."

Jacksepticeye also expressed gratitude to all the guests who joined the effort, stating that this year's Thankmas was the "most fun":

"Thank you to all the guests that showed up as well. Mark, Arin, Chef Nyesha, Chef Antonia, Rae, and Bella showing up. Jack Black, honor. And just everybody. It really... like, people showing up and donating as well. But also donating their time and their efforts to be able to help out, and it's not only the... it is the most fun Thankmas we've ever done."

Fans react to Jacksepticeye raising over $10 million during Thankmas 2022

The final moments of the 2022 Thankmas were shared to the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, with the reaction thread garnering a number of comments. Here's what the Reddit community had to say:

Jacksepticeye is a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer who is known for playing a wide range of games. He joined the Google-owned video-sharing platform in 2007 and now has over 28.9 million subscribers.

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