“F**k your name; it’s Ludwig!” - JakenBakeLIVE learns how to pronounce Ludwig correctly

JakenBakeLIVE had a hilarious moment on stream after he learned how to pronounce Ludwig correctly (Image via Sportskeeda)
JakenBakeLIVE had a hilarious moment on stream after he learned how to pronounce Ludwig correctly (Image via Sportskeeda)

Jake "JakenBakeLIVE" learned how to properly pronounce the name Ludwig during an IRL stream in Germany.

The Twitch streamer has been touring Europe for some time and is currently in Munich with his friend and fellow Twitch content creator, CookSux. While walking the streets of the German city, JakenBakeLIVE asked a resident how to pronounce Ludwig correctly.

After learning how to pronounce the name correctly, the IRL broadcaster lashed out at the YouTube Gaming star, claiming that he had been advising the latter on how to pronounce the name correctly and said:

"F**k your name; it's Ludwig (pronouncing Loodvig)! This is a real, authentic German. Gerald just told me."

JakenBakeLIVE rants over pronouncing Ludwig's name correctly

Over the past few months, JakenBakeLIVE has been traveling throughout numerous European destinations and commenced his German IRL livestreams at the onset of the month.

As he walked through the bustling night streets of Munich, the city guide mentioned they were exploring the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich's campus. Jake was fascinated by how the city guide pronounced Ludwig and inquired:

"Ludwig. Wait, hold on, so, 'L U D W I G.' How do you pronounce it?"

The guide affirmed that the name was pronounced with greater emphasis on the prefix and sounded similar to "Loodvig."

Timestamp: 07:23:49

Jake then went on a minute-long rant about how he told YouTube gaming streamer Ludwig to accurately pronounce his name and said:

"Ludwig? F**k! F**k you, Ludwig (pronouncing Loodvig)! I've said for years that your f***ing name is Ludwig, and everyone's like, 'It's Ludwig, it's Ludwig, it's Ludwig!'"

The streamer claimed that the pronunciation of the YouTuber's name was "made up" to make it easier to pronounce and exclaimed:

"And all you motherf**kers who are Loodvig freaking stans, s**k my nine-centimeter p**p**, his name is Ludwig (pronouncing Loodvig), it's not Ludwig, and that s**t is made up. You can't just change the pronunciation to make it easier! God d**n it, I've said that for years! No one believed me!"

JakenBakeLIVE soon apologized for his excessive rant. CookSux joined the conversation, stating that the former had begun to turn red due to elevated blood pressure.

Fans react to the streamer's clip

Jake's clip appeared on r/LivestreamFail, with more than 30 fans providing their take. Some German Redditors were happy to see someone speaking up about mispronouncing the name.

Here are some more fan reactions:

JakenBakeLIVE is one of the platform's most prominent IRL content creators who started his streaming career in 2017.

Aside from spending the majority of time streaming in the Just Chatting and IRL category on Twitch, he has also played several games such as World of Warcraft, Valorant, and Apex Legends on stream.

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