"Kai was the best streamer of 2022" - Mizkif gives his vote for Streamer of the Year for the Streamer Awards 2023

Mizkif gives his vote for the Streamer of the Year award (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mizkif gives his vote for the Streamer of the Year award (Image via Sportskeeda)

On February 22, Twitch streamer and OTK co-owner Matthew "Mizkif" took to his stream to give his take that Kai Cenat was the best streamer of 2022. For those unaware, the latter has been nominated for the upcoming Streamer Awards 2023 in the Best Streamer of the Year category.

Aside from Kai Cenat, the three other nominees in the said category include Turkish-American Hasan "HasanAbi," Canadian Felix "xQc," and American Jeremy "Jerma985."

Kai Cenat had an eventful 2022. Aside from the Streamer Awards 2023, he was also nominated for the Streamer of the Year award at the recently concluded Streamy Awards 2022. Mizkif, whose vote went to the AMP member, said:

"Kai was the best streamer of 2022."

"Kai actually is an entertainer" - Mizkif on giving his vote to Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat's popularity has skyrocketed over the past 12 months or so. The streamer is, in fact, presently hosting a subathon where he has already managed to garner a record-breaking 202K subscribers - a number that is rising by the hour.

The OTK co-owner was all praise for Kai in his recent stream. He said:

"Not even close to someone else. I'm sorry. If you're gonna go English-only, Kai was by far the best streamer of 2022. Just was."

(Timestamp: 01:58:24)

After a viewer remarked about the quality of a streamer being directly proportionate with the viewership, Mizkif responded:

"You're so f**king stupid when you just said that. Kai has not only elevated himself, he elevated an entire new community to Twitch. It's just the truth. He f**king did. Kai has done more content, puts in more work, and one thing that Kai has, and this is the truth, Kai actually is an entertainer unlike a lot of streamers."

He remarked that the biggest quality Kai possesses is his skill for entertaining:

"You could put Kai in a room with somebody and he'll actually be able to make it entertaining when a lot of streamers f**king hurdle up into a ball and cry. The dude is an entertainer."

How the internet reacted to the clip

The clip was shared by a verified Kai Cenat fan page and garnered a host of reactions from the streaming community. Despite the W/L community not being the biggest fans of Mizkif, the majority of the replies were in accordance with what the streamer said.

Here are some of the relevant ones:

For those wondering, the Streamer Awards 2023 is set to be hosted on March 11. To learn more about the other nominees, click here.

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