Kai Cenat breaks all-time record for most number of Twitch subscribers, currently at 300K+

Kai Cenat now holds the title of the all-time peak susbcribers on Twitch (Image via Twitch Tracker)
Kai Cenat now holds the title of the all-time peak susbcribers on Twitch (Image via Twitch Tracker)

Popular streamer Kai Cenat has finally broken the record for the most active subscribers on Twitch, surpassing Ninja and Ludwig. At the time of writing, his subscriber count is well past the 300K mark, and it only appears to be rising.

Cenat has had a highly successful career, having grown astronomically in the two years since he started regularly streaming on the Amazon-owned platform. Twitch Tracker notes that his channel was created in January 2021. This means that the 21-year-old has become one of the most successful content creators in the world in a very short period of time.

The AMP house member had a meteoric rise to fame in 2022, having added about 2.5 million followers to his tally. He now boasts 4.6 million followers.

Cenat was also presented with the Streamer of the Year award at this year's YouTube Streamy Awards.

The reasons for his popularity are manifold, from his personality and high-level collaborations with streamers like Adin Ross and IShowSpeed to his songs with pop stars such as NLE Choppa.


Over the years, Cenat has conquered one milestone after another. His recent Mafiathon subathon goal was to once again give a boost to his sub numbers. The community delivered in full force as fans subscribed and gifted subscribers to enough people to finally push his numbers past Ludwig's previous record of 283K (set in April of 2021).

Here is a clip capturing the moment the streamer crossed that number:

Social media reactions to Kai Cenat breaking Twitch's all-time subscriber record

The streaming community has been waiting for this moment for a few days now. Just yesterday, Kai Cenat talked about how much respect and love he has for Ninja after crossing his subscriber count.

Fans of the popular content creator and fellow streamers are overjoyed that he has broken Twitch's all-time subscriber record and flooded social media with congratulatory posts. Here are some of their reactions:

As Muaaz notes, achieving the impressive feat on the last day of Black History Month is "insanely poetic." Considering how increasingly popular Kai Cenat has become, there is no way but up.