"Krafton should take away all the achievements of people who play with BGMI hackers and engage in paid rank pushes": Akash "Game Guru" Chauhan

Akash Chauhan is popularly known as Game Guru in the gaming world (Image via Sportskeeda)
Akash Chauhan is popularly known as Game Guru in the gaming world (Image via Sportskeeda)

Facebook is one of the more underrated platforms where gaming content creators can shine. 2021 has been an excellent year for gamers as they dominated the top content creator list released by Facebook Gaming.

Akash "Game Guru" Chauhan, one of the best gamers on Trinity Gaming's talented roster, is a BGMI content creator featured on the list. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports' Debolina Banerjee, Game Guru talks about his journey as a gaming content creator, his annoyance with BGMI hackers, and more.

Game Guru's journey as a BGMI content creator on Facebook Gaming

Q. Facebook Gaming recently released its top content creators list of 2021. Tell us about your journey in the gaming world so far. How does it feel to be one of India's best gaming content creators?

Akash: My journey in the gaming world so far has been full of curiosity. I always try to find new means of entertainment for my viewers and make sure that my content is entertaining and not stagnant.

Being amongst India's best gaming content creators is a great feeling, but I do not want it to stop me from putting in extra effort to make my viewers happy. There is still a long journey ahead, and I am always dedicated to providing entertainment for my viewers.

Q. Did you have to face criticism during your initial days as a gamer? Were your parents supportive of your decision to become a gaming content creator?

Akash: This is a very good question. Initially, there were too many responsibilities for me, and I was not in a position to gamble. Yet, when I pursued gaming and my business, I always faced criticism. People used to say to me, “Kuch nai ho payega tumhaara” or “Keede pad jayenge dimaag mein” or “Tum sirf apna time kharab kar rahe ho”.

These kinds of quotes were very depressing in the initial stages, but I never took them too seriously. Since gaming is not a typical career option in India, people are very resistant to change.

My parents were not so supportive of this as I had many responsibilities. They still do not understand how I earn money, so it is not their fault. In the end, parents always want their child to do well in his life.

Q. How has India's gaming scenario changed over the last two years? Do you feel that people have become more accepting when it comes to taking gaming as a profession?

Akash: It has been about seventeen to eighteen years since I started gaming and whatever changes I have seen in the last two years are unimaginable in my time. I never thought that I would play games and receive the support of people, which is the most beautiful feeling for a gamer.

I would like to add that due to Covid, everyone was at home, and gaming was the most important means of entertainment for most. In this way, everyone, even the older people of the society, started talking about gaming and got to experience it more closely.

I still do not think that people accept gaming as a career. They are hesitant and do not understand what it is entirely. It will take time for people to digest that esports can also be a career for someone.

Q. The process of content creation is pretty time and energy-consuming. How long does each video take to create, on average?

Akash: This is another excellent question. I would answer by saying that content creation starts much before the content is created. I always try to be in a positive mindset while creating any content. My primary focus is to provide entertainment.

The timestamp depends upon the type and duration of the content to be created. It varies from thirty minutes and can go up to three hours.

Q. Many of your videos are aimed towards entertaining the viewers. How important a role does humor play when it comes to boosting the number of subscribers?

Akash: Out of all the people watching game streams, maybe around 5% to 10% would include hardcore gamers. The remaining 90% of the audience is only there for entertainment and humor.

Most of the audience in my live content enjoy humor, and they engage more in the streams when comedy is added to it. This will help me retain my audience, thereby increasing my subscriber count.

Q. Now that PUBG New State and Free Fire Max, the two newly-released battle royale games, are taking over the market, do you think that the fanbase of BGMI will reduce?

Akash: By seeing the craze of these games, I do think they can affect the fanbase of BGMI but for a short period. In the longer run, BGMI will win because it has an ecosystem which is very important for any game to survive in the community. Until and unless that ecosystem can be matched by these newcomers, in the long run, BGMI will never be affected.

Q. What would you like to comment about hackers in BGMI? In what ways can Krafton improve the situation?


Akash: BGMI hackers or cheaters are very persistent when playing high-ranked matches. Krafton should understand that it takes about thirty minutes to end a game, and if a hacker destroys the game at the twenty-seventh minute, it is the most annoying thing for a streamer or a gamer.

This will eventually discourage people from playing BGMI, and the gamers will shift to another game. The same thing has happened in the past with CS: GO.


Krafton should ban the device on which the hack has been detected so that these cheaters would no longer be able to disrupt the competitive environment of BGMI.

The developers should also take away all the achievements of people who play with hackers and engage in paid rank pushes. This will discourage paid rank pushes and eventually help to decrease the number of hackers in BGMI.

Q. Many mobile gamers around India are ardently waiting for the release of BGMI Lite. What are your thoughts about the lighter version of the game? Is it really necessary for it to be released?

Akash: Yes, it is essential for a lighter version of BGMI to be released as many people cannot afford high-end devices. The lighter version of the game will make BGMI more accessible to all Indians.

Q. What are your words of wisdom to other aspiring gaming content creators who want to create their identities as Facebook Gamers?

Akash: The scheme of choosing Facebook Gaming as a career sounds very exciting. However, people should understand that 99% of Facebook Gamers have their struggle stories.

Aspiring Facebook Gamers should always take it as their passion and work on it with a stable career option. Whoever comes here just to earn money always fails. So, content creators' focus should be talent, not money. If people like your talent, the rest will come as a reward.

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