“L content creation” - BruceDropEmOff criticizes Kai Cenat and YourRage while discussing his friendship with the popular streamers

BruceDropEmOff calls out Kai Cenat and YourRAGE (Image via Sportskeeda)
BruceDropEmOff calls out Kai Cenat and YourRAGE (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamer Bruce "BruceDropEmOff" had some stern words to say about fellow streamers of the W/L community. The streamer asserted that some of his streamer friends, such as Kai Cenat and Josh "YourRAGE," have recently only been interacting with him for content creation and not during his offline hours.

The streamer, who recently signed a non-exclusive deal with Kick, expressed his disappointment at the way of things. Describing the situation, he said:

"L content creation”

"Only wanting to call people when it's for content" - BruceDropEmOff calls out fellow streamers

BruceDropEmOff took aim at a couple of his fellow streamer friends, namely Kai Cenat and YourRAGE. Despite their long-standing acquaintanceship and numerous collaborations in the past, Bruce had some critical remarks directed toward them. He said:

"I can in this sh*t with my community. Nothing else. These ni**as been on my d**k since January, talking about, 'Why don't you wanna collab with the boys?'"

BruceDropEmOff continued:

"No, it's not L RG, me and Rage, I've been on Rage longer bro, and it's not L Kai either. It's just L content creation, bro. L f**king only wanting to call people when it's for content. All four of them ni**as call my phone when I was streaming."

Neither Kai Cenat nor YourRAGE has responded to Bruce's recent outburst yet. It will be interesting to see their reactions and what they have to say about the situation. Additionally, there have been speculations about Kai and YourRAGE potentially joining Kick, but no official confirmations have been made thus far.

Here's what the fans said

The clip of Bruce's rant was shared by the well-known news reporting account @DramaAlert, and it quickly garnered a significant amount of reactions from viewers and followers.

Viewers had varying interpretations regarding Bruce's intended target in his rant. Some speculated that he primarily directed his comments toward Kai Cenat, while others suggested that Bruce's remarks were driven by ego rather than genuine concerns.

Here are some of the top reactions:

Another streamer that recently spoke about a potential move to Kick is Alinity. She mentioned that she might be discussing a non-exclusive deal with the platform. Read about the story by clicking here.

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