League of Legends’ Ranked Split 2 to receive 3-day extension

Ranked Split 2 is set to receive an extension (Image via League of Legends)
Ranked Split 2 is set to receive an extension (Image via League of Legends)

League of Legends’ Ranked Split 2 was supposed to end on August 8th.

Ranked Split is basically meant to earn rewards such as emotes, icons, and even modifications for the ranked armor. The ranked armor is the helmet that denotes player ranks. Ranked Splits start and end without any breaks in between, and players do not need to rank up in every split.

It is important to realize that Ranked Splits do not reset any ranks. They are just meant to earn those rewards, and users can rank up once at the beginning of the season and completely ignore the splits.

Ranked Split extension in League of Legends

In a recent announcement, Riot Games has mentioned that Ranked Splits will be extended, ending on August 11th.

Even though no specific reason has been provided for this decision, it is probably due to the mid-summer break by the developer.

The Ranked Split extension announcement (Image via Riot Games)
The Ranked Split extension announcement (Image via Riot Games)

All Riot employees are going to take a break from August 2nd till August 8th. It is understandable as the company has been working tirelessly on several aspects of League of Legends.

The Summer Split of League of Legends is running its final week. The Sentinels of Light event has finally reached its finale, and the company has already provided information on the next patch.

Since it is already August, that means preparations for the World Championships will begin very soon. A few more patches are probably underway as well, so this is the best time to take a break.

Riot announced in a recent post that:

“Riot’s taking the week of August 2nd off to disconnect and recharge. Game teams have shifted patch timelines to accommodate the break, and a few teams are staggering their breaks to ensure there are no interruptions.”

This also makes sense as the current patch 11.15 in League of Legends is expected to end on August 11th, a total of three weeks instead of two. It means that gamers will now have more time to work on their ranks in case they are looking for additional loot.

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