League of Legends and Wild Rift set to arrive at Xbox Game Pass with all champions unlocked

League of Legends and Wild Rift will arrive on Xbox Game Pass this winter (Image via Riot Games)
League of Legends and Wild Rift will arrive on Xbox Game Pass this winter (Image via Riot Games)

During the Xbox showcase at Summer Game Fest, Riot Games announced that two of its major titles, League of Legends and Wild Rift, will be arriving to the Game Pass in the near future.

However, the surprise does not end here as Game Pass owners will get all the champions unlocked for both games. This is massive for both Xbox and Riot Games as two of the biggest video game companies in the world will be joining hands to create something greater.

In fact, this brand new collaboration is bound to enhance the player base for both League of Legends and Wild Rift even further and establish an undisputed dominance within the esports industry.

Introduction of League of Legends and Wild Rift to Xbox Game Pass will usher in a new era of esports

When League of Legends and Wild Rift was announced for the Xbox Game Pass with all agents unlocked, one of the key things it did was appease a lot of new players. A major reason why several gamers avoid both the titles is because the champions are initially locked and it takes years of grind to unlock them all.

However, now all players need to do is buy the Xbox Game Pass and they will get to play whichever character they want without any restrictions. This, in turn, will help create an even more inclusive environment where everyone will feel welcome into the game.

Even then, a big question arises on whether this collaboration is simply to bring in more players. This is because both Riot Games and Xbox are smart companies and they do not indulge in deals until there is something bigger planned in place.

Up until this point, Riot Games had never even thought about putting their major titles onto other platforms. So it might mean that something bigger is in place and that the future of League of Legends and Wild Rift will become brighter.

If more players are flowing in, then it's only a matter of time before they start taking an interest in the esports scene of both the games. Once that happens, the viewership numbers will increase, which in turn will help to further boost the overall standing of the titles from a competitive perspective.

In any case, players might be eager to know on when the games will become available. Unfortunately, as of now, the only thing known is that both these games will be made available to Xbox Game Pass this winter. The exact date is unknown, but it will probably be revealed somewhere during Fall this year.

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