Legendary esports athlete Shroud makes sensational return by joining Sentinels' Valorant roster

Legendary Shroud makes a return to the esports scene with Sentinels Valorant roster (Image via Sentinels)
Legendary Shroud makes a return to the esports scene with Sentinels Valorant roster (Image via Sentinels)
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Amlan "M4DM4N" Roy

Esports enthusiasts all over the world have been stunned as Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek makes his return with Sentinels' Valorant roster. Fans of both Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Valorant are ecstatic, as most of the community reveres professional players.

Shroud will be joining the list of CSGO professionals who made the switch to Riot's shooter game, such as ScreaM, Hiko and more. This means that the game's esports community will see a massive boost in interest as the former CSGO star joins the new era of competitive gaming.

The legend returns, and he's here to win@shroud joins the Sentinels Valorant roster

This piece will discuss everything about Shroud's newfound commitment to Sentinels and additional facts that fans should take note of.

Shroud makes a surprise return to esports with Valorant

Many were astonished after Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek joined Sentinels to mark his return to competitive esports. The global announcement was made on the organization's official Twitter page. The attached video features Shroud in the Sentinels jersey with DOOM Eternal's The Only Thing They Fear Is You playing in the background.

Fans were simply euphoric as the player took to the stage and announced:

"I am back, baby!"

Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek is considered a legendary player by many of his peers and fans around the world. During his days in Cloud9, he showcased his immense prowess by winning multiple tournaments and accolades.

However, the ace stepped down from esports back in April 2018 and pursued streaming for a prolonged period. Despite his departure, fans stuck by him and continued to support him throughout his career. Furthermore, Shroud was incessantly questioned about a potential return to esports, prompting the player to diffuse any speculation.

What makes Shroud special is his impeccable aim and nous, which culminate in his world-class displays on the biggest stages. In light of that, having a player with such immense expertise would propel the Sentinels team to unprecedented heights.

The king is back ๐Ÿ‘‘@shroud has joined the Sentinels Valorant roster and confirmed he'll be competing in the #VCT LCQ.

Furthermore, the player himself has also revealed a few facts about this arrival. Apparently, he will be participating in the Valorant Champions Tour's Last Chance Qualifiers, allowing Valorant fans to witness his marvelous talents on the big stage.

While the former CSGO professional is yet to reveal his role on the roster, Sentinels' swift and prudent acquisition will send shockwaves across the community.

With players like Shahzeb "Shazam" Khan and Tyson "Tenz" Ngo, the Sentinels roster does look great for the future, but only time can tell how they will perform.

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