How to get Paper Rex f0rsakeN's crosshair code in Valorant

f0rsakeN’s crosshair is searched a lot by fans (Image by Sportskeeda)
f0rsakeN’s crosshair is searched a lot by fans (Image by Sportskeeda)
f0rsakeN’s crosshair is searched a lot by fans (Image by Sportskeeda)
f0rsakeN’s crosshair is searched a lot by fans (Image by Sportskeeda)

Valorant as a competitive shooter game has come a long way since its debut in 2020. Over two years, the gameplay has evolved substantially and attracted various players to participate in its highly competitive environment.

To play this game properly, gaining diverse knowledge on aspects like movement, ability usage, and gun mechanics is vital. The learning curve for these things remains the same for almost everyone, but there is something that is unique: crosshairs.

Every player is known to have their own unique crosshairs as per their preference. With the help of Valorant’s crosshair customization and profile features, it has quite become simple for them to replicate another gamer’s crosshair settings.

Valorant crosshair profile: Paper Rex f0rsakeN

The Indonesian Valorant Pro is world-renowned for competing in the global scene with Paper Rex. Being a former Counter-Strike Global Offensive gamer, he had a smooth switch to Riot Games’ shooter, which features a similar environment.


This article deals with what crosshair is used by f0rsakeN and how others can replicate it in their game. This process is quite easy, and players only need to know f0rsakeN's crosshair profile code, which is:


How to apply Paper Rex f0rsakeN’s crosshair into users’ profile

Applying f0rsakeN’s crosshair is very simple, and gamers can do this independently with low effort. Firstly, they need to copy his crosshair code above and open the Crosshair tab in the in-game settings. From there, they can go to the Crosshair Profile tab.

After opening the Crosshair Profile tab, players must find the Import Profile Code option (icon with a downward pointing arrow) and click on it. It opens up a prompt menu that will ask them to input a code, where users have to paste the copied code.


Once done, gamers are required to click on the Import option in the prompt menu. This applies the Valorant professional’s crosshair profile. They can also rename this crosshair profile by clicking on the Rename option beside the Import option.

If players feel like further fine-tuning or adjusting this crosshair, they can do so by going to the Primary tab under the Crosshair menu. It is full of sliders to change each parameter of the crosshair and make it personal.

How to adjust Valorant crosshair

While it may seem that adjusting Valorant crosshair is a tedious task, the concept is nothing but false. Click on the Settings button on the top-right corner of the screen and go to the Crosshair tab.

Under the Crosshair tab, two options will be present: General and Primary. Select the Primary option, and a new sub-menu will open. In this sub-menu, various options will be presented, like, color, outline, center dot, and other aspects that affect the crosshairs differently.

Each element has its own effects, so users can tweak their crosshairs to their liking.

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