How to get OpTic Gaming yay's crosshair code in Valorant

Jaccob "yay" Whiteaker, OpTic Gaming's Valorant star (Image by Sportskeeda)
Jaccob "yay" Whiteaker, OpTic Gaming's Valorant star (Image by Sportskeeda)

As a competitive shooter, Valorant has become quite popular for its MOBA-like concept. Thus, it provides players with various opportunities to approach a situation with unique ability sets.

Besides abilities, the title is known for its gameplay mechanics that require lots of skills to master. From aiming to ability usage, everything takes time.

However, there is one primary thing that every user should take care of before grasping other aspects: crosshairs.

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It is better to figure out which crosshair suits a gamer's taste beforehand, rather than changing it all the time. Once they find an optimal crosshair for themselves to aim at heads, the journey through Valorant's steep learning curve becomes simpler.

This article will deal with the crosshair profile used by Jaccob "yay" Whiteaker and how others can replicate the same easily.

Valorant crosshair profile: OpTic Gaming yay

Former Counter-Strike and current Valorant professional yay of OpTic Gaming needs no introduction to the esports scene. He has shown various splendid performances in the past, with his main pick being Chamber.

During his gameplays, many players have felt curious about the cross he uses in his games and have tried replicating it. In this article, we will give an easy method to replicate his crosshair using the code:


Crosshairs are subjective to every user, but they can use this crosshair profile as a starting point for making their own crosshair or use the same.

How to apply OpTic Gaming yay's crosshair in your profile

Applying yay's crosshair in Valorant is very simple and can be done smoothly. Before following the rest of the steps, gamers must copy the code mentioned above and start the game.

After opening the game, go to the settings option on the top-left of the main game screen and click on the Crosshair tab. Under this menu's general tab, players can see an option called Import Profile Code, which they have to click.

This will open up a text prompt where players need to paste the code copied above and apply it.

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After clicking the apply button, yay's crosshair will be applied to their game, and users can use it in their game.

They can even rename this profile to their liking, and the procedure is quite simple. While staying on the same menu, look for the Rename option beside the Import Crosshair option and click on it. This enables gamers to input their own name for the crosshair and save it.

Steps to change Valorant Crosshair

Players might feel that the crosshair they are using is slightly different from their taste. However, that isn't a matter of concern as it can be adjusted. The procedure is quite simple, and readers need to follow the following instructions.


Go to the settings option and click on the Crosshair main menu. Under the Crosshair menu, look for the option named Primary and click on it.

This will open the in-depth settings for adjusting the crosshair in the game with various sliders that affect it accordingly. This way, user can tweak their crosshairs and have the game experience they intend to have.

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