"Let's cut content and call it an expansion": Twitter users reacts to annoucement of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass

The developers have announced details related to the expansion of the game (Image via Nintendo)
The developers have announced details related to the expansion of the game (Image via Nintendo)

After five long years, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will release as the successor to the 2017 release, and fans are quite excited. Along with all the important details, information about the upcoming expansions, which will arrive later, has also been announced.

While the content looks quite promising, there has been an increasing animosity among fans over the announcement's timing. Several gamers believe that the developers should have waited for the game to be released.

@Nibellion Let's cut content call it a expansion and make it day 1 dlc

The modern generation of games has made expansions and future-paid DLCs quite common. What has irritated several fans is that Xenoblade Chronicles is yet to release. However, the developers have not waited to give out the details of the expansions. While some fans are okay with it, few think it showcases greed.

Fans react on Twitter at Xenoblade Chronicles 3 developers announcing the expansion before the game's release

One common response was related to the timing of the announcement of the expansion pass. Several fans believe that the DLC being announced before the game's release looks poor.

@Nibellion The game didn’t even drop yet and a season pass got announced 😬yikes

Those who played Xenoblade Chronicles 2 vouched for quality as they stated how its day one expansion pass was better than the main game.

@JCLTHEARTIST @Nibellion It's gonna be good tho. Xenoblade 2 got an expansion pass day 1 and that had an arguably better story than the main game

Another fan also added that if Xenoblade Chronicles follows the same pattern, the expansion pass will be worth its price.

@Nibellion It's quite entertaining watching people that have no knowledge of the series at all bash on this. Torna was basically a brand new game. When they say "story expansion", they don't mean a 2 hour experience that doesn't add anything.

Despite how good the quality of some of the previous content was, one fan believes that the developers are giving an easy excuse for haters to simply hate the game.

@Nibellion Torna was really good but holy hell they’re giving easy material to haters at this point

It appears that the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch are also in question as one Twitter user stated how the game looked compared to a mobile game.

@Nibellion So many great games wasted on the Switch, this looks like a mobile game tbh

The Torna expansion in the past was completely worth it, and fans loved playing the content. One fan believes that if the expansion of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is even half of it, fans will get their money's worth.

@Nibellion If we get something on the level of Torna, or even half as good, then this is probably one of the best deals you can ask for as a Xenoblade fan.

However, not everyone is exactly happy with the decision as one player feels that the seasonal expansion is just a way to get players to spend more.

@Nibellion Ah yes $30 for an extra story the game may or may not need (both of which would have downsides), 2 extra party members and classes that will only matter to their own little side quests and some challengesI've learnt from Xenoblade 2 not to buy these passes again.

While some fans do not have a problem with the price and probable content, what they are against is announcing the DLC before the game has been released.

@Nibellion DLC announcement before game even come outI always dislike that

The relatively newer players seem to think that the developers will just cut content from the base game and re-sell it as added content.

@Nibellion So the main game is like 50% and for another 50% we'll need to buy DLC. Classic gaming industry nowadays

It remains to be seen what the contents of the expansion will be and if it will be like the previous experience. In the case of the latter, fans will surely be happy, but until it all releases, there will always be a shadow of uncertainty.

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