LilyPichu announces official move to YouTube

LilyPichu announces big move to YouTube with cute dog video (Image via LilyPichu/YouTube, Twitter)
LilyPichu announces big move to YouTube with cute dog video (Image via LilyPichu/YouTube, Twitter)

Lily Ki, aka LilyPichu, announced her decision to leave the purple platform for YouTube on July 7. The OG OfflineTV member is the latest high-caliber streamer to switch sides in the ongoing streaming war involving Twitch and YouTube, following her good friend Sykkuno's move a few months ago.


The streamer announced the move via a video, much like other streamers who switched platforms, titled "my big decision." The short clip has already garnered a lot of attention from the streaming community, with various streamers and esports personalities addressing the development on Twitter and YouTube.

LilyPichu reveals big decision to YouTube ahead of OTV Japan stream

Lily has become the latest streamer to sign an exclusive contract with YouTube Gaming. She took to her socials to announce her move to much fanfare, informing her fans that her first stream on the red platform will be on June 8 from Japan, as OTV members will be visiting the country for some time.

In the video, Lily uses her dog to make the fateful decision after being indecisive about which platform to choose. She'd tried to select the right platform for her intially but failed. Subsequently, she filled two bowls with dog food and let one of her dogs choose which streaming service she should go to.

LilyPichu's decade-long journey on Twitch is at its end. The Korean-American streamer-cum-musician was known for her gaming streams. She is also an original member of OfflineTV along with Pokimane and Scarra.


Although she plays a lot of competitive games like League of Legends and Valorant, her chill collab streams with Toast, boyfriend Reeves, Pokimane, and Sykkuno are the most popular. She also features art and music on her channel, being a pretty popular musician with thousands of views or listeners on YouTube and Spotify.


Many YouTube streamers such as TimTheTatman, Sykkuno, and Valkyrae wished LilyPichu a smooth transition to the new platform, having already made the move themselves.

Popular content creators react to streamer switching platforms

LilyPichu's announcement was met with a lot of good will from everyone. Many have appreciated the announcement video featuring Lily's pets, calling it the most wholesome YouTube-switching video ever.

Most people wished her good luck as she embarks on a new chapter in her career; even the official Twitch handle on Twitter posted addressed the decision, along with several others.

The influx of big names like Ludwig, Dr Disrespect has made YouTube gaming much more appealing to viewers hesitant about watching content on a new platform. While YouTube might not be perfect, it is clear that it is doing something right, attracting top names in the business alongside mass attention.

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