Ludwig breaks the world record for fastest ban on YouTube

Ludwig claims to have set a world record for the fastest ban on YouTube (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ludwig claims to have set a world record for the fastest ban on YouTube (Image via Sportskeeda)

Earlier today, YouTube Gaming star Ludwig attempted an unusual speed run to see how quickly he could be banned from the platform. He began watching music videos by popular artists such as Taylor Swift and BLACKPINK but was not penalized for doing so.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, the YouTuber came up with the "genius" idea of watching a Premier League clip with Naruto's theme song playing in the background.

The former Twitch streamer was suspended 91 seconds later, and he set a "world record" for the fastest ban on YouTube:

Ludwig attempts to speedrun a ban on YouTube

On September 12, Ludwig wanted to see how quickly he could be banned from YouTube Gaming to set a world record.

He began the challenge by simultaneously playing various music videos to trigger YouTube's DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) system. To his surprise, the copyright system detected no violations. He said:

"Hold up, hold up, hold up. We got to restart. It literally doesn't even pop up with the yellow thing. Normally, it pops up with something yellow that says, 'You're playing something copyrighted.' It says green. 'Excellent connection.' I think Taylor Swift was a bad bet. We got to redo."

After failing to receive additional warnings from YouTube, the Mogul Money Live host exclaimed:

"I'm over here! I'm breaking copyright!"

Ludwig recalled a previous suspension from the platform and decided that he was going to use a combination of copyright-heavy audio and video to get the job done. Ahgren played Naruto's theme song and mixed it with a clip of the Juventus vs. Salernitana match.

He was successfully struck by YouTube's DMCA system and was eventually banned for copyright infringement.

Twitter reacts to the streamer setting a "world record" for getting banned on YouTube

Ludwig's Twitter update was a viral hit and garnered more than 61k likes in less than 12 hours. Some viewers hoped to see him stream on Twitch:

One Twitter user shared a clip from the YouTuber's most recent stream:

Another viewer claimed that anime and soccer were "too powerful" a combination:

Numerous fans were proud of the streamer:

Some viewers were skeptical of the content creator's claims, and one Twitter user stated that they could see Ludwig's camera under the photo overlay:

Twitter user @Hans5958 provided a possible reason for this:

Here are some more fan reactions:

The VOD (video on demand) for the streamer's livestream was not accessible at the time of writing. However, according to the influencer's tweet, YouTube suspended his stream for violating its policies.