“I was met with the gun of a police officer” - Ludwig gets swatted live, explains the situation in a follow-up stream

Ludwig talks about getting swatted live on stream (Image via Ludwig/YouTube)
Ludwig talks about getting swatted live on stream (Image via Ludwig/YouTube)

In an unfortunate turn of events, YouTube Gaming star Ludwig became the latest streamer to get swatted live on stream earlier today. He explained the situation in-depth during a follow-up broadcast.

During the livestream, the YouTuber explained that while he was hosting a chess tournament earlier today, he came across a police officer holding a gun. Ludwig said:

"If you missed the end of the last stream or not on twitter.com, then you might not know that the stream ended abruptly. As I went upstairs to refill my water in between a chess tournament I was running, I was met with the gun of a police officer, which was weird because my front door was not meant to be opened for police officers."

The following is a 26-second clip that reveals four police officers raiding the content creator's streaming room:


Ludwig gets swatted in the middle of a chess tournament and talks about the situation in a follow-up livestream

After abruptly ending a chess tournament stream earlier today, the YouTube Gaming icon hosted an hour-long follow-up stream, during which he spoke about the unforeseen circumstances.

After describing his encounter with a police officer holstering a gun, Ludwig stated that he had to spend an hour in a police car while authorities searched his residence:

"So, I spent about, you know, an hour away in a police car as they went through my house, and then the clips, I think, I mean, they've mostly been a bit hushed down. I think Tim did a good job locking it down, but I think I was still live when the police were walking through. You guys probably saw that. You probably saw the police walking through the house because they sweep every single room when they do a swatting."

The Los Angeles-based streamer stated that he was "pretty fine," although he was feeling annoyed:

"As you can see, I'm not too shaken up, you know. Maybe a little bit. Maybe a little bit of adrenalin. Generally, I'm pretty fine. The initial part is kind of scary, but then, it's quickly overwhelmed with an annoying feeling. A sense of annoyment. I'm just annoyed."

Ludwig also mentioned that this isn't the first time he's been swatted. He said:

"Now, this isn't the first time we've been swatted. I talked on Mogul Mail before about how I've been swatted, and this is the first time in a while though."

The Mogul Money Live host claimed that he noticed a viewer in his YouTube Gaming chat mention the word "swatting":

"Funny enough, I saw in chat while I was live, somebody say, 'Swatting.' They had like, a name that was made up with Thai characters. Like, the language that they use in Thailand, and I saw that, and I was like, 'That's weird.' And then it happened."

(Timestamp: 08:04)

Ludwig had the following to say to the viewer who swatted him live on stream:

"So, to the motherf***ker who swatted me, who's watching this, who wasted about 55 minutes of my day, congratulations! You did it! 55 minutes of my day, down the drain. Here's a thing about you though, you got 55 years ahead of you that you are poised to waste! 55 years that you are set up to just blow through, doing absolutely nothing with your life."

He chose to empathize with the swatter and offered some encouraging words:

"And I, hey, hope you have a great Sunday. Recommendation, me to you, spin it around! You got a lot of years! All right? You spend 60, 70, 80 years on this Earth, on average. That's about it! You might as well, while you're here, do something effective with your time. Make an imprint. Be a positive impact. Change the lives of those around you."

Fans react to Ludwig getting swatted

The YouTube comments section was bustling with fan reactions. Several viewers were happy to see that Ludwig was safe. Some of the most relevant fan comments were along these lines:

Fans reacting to the streamer getting swatted (Image via Disguised Chan - otv/YouTube)
Fans reacting to the streamer getting swatted (Image via Disguised Chan - otv/YouTube)

Earlier this month, other prominent streaming figures such as Adin Ross and IShowSpeed were swatted live on their respective streams.