5 Twitch streamers who were swatted live on stream

5 Twitch streamers who were swatted in front of viewers (Image via Sportskeeda)
5 Twitch streamers who were swatted in front of viewers (Image via Sportskeeda)

Over the past few years, streamers have quickly risen to become household names. Their popularity has aligned with the rise of streaming as a vocation, and many have attained celebrity status. However, with all the attention comes a lot of drawbacks. Among the few things that streamers often face is getting swatted.

Swatting is a faux phone call to the police in order to raid a person's house. Many streamers have been swatted over the years due to their personal information like addresses getting leaked.

What makes swatting dangerous is the fact that it usually takes place live on stream, which encourages trolls to engage in such behaviors. This article will talk about five streamers who were the unfortunate victims of swatting.

5 streamers who were swatted on camera

1) IShowSpeed


Earlier this month, Darren "IShowSpeed" was on the receiving end of a swatting attempt after his live stream was interrupted by the police. The 19-year-old was seen getting handcuffed by police officers while his cameraman was told to put away his device.

Darren was seen pleading profusely with the officers. He tried to convince them of his innocence as he asserted:

"I swear I didn't do nothing."

Fortunately, the Ohio-born streamer was back to streaming the following day and is now safe. Nonetheless, the entire clip caused a lot of panic among his fanbase.

2) Adin Ross


Twitch streamer Adin Ross faced a similar fate as IShowSpeed, coincidentally in the same week. Adin was about to complete his gambling stream on August 7, 2022 when four police officers stormed into his room brandishing weapons.

Due to the camera placement, viewers were able to see the events live. The entire incident was broadcast to thousands of people, including fellow streamers with whom Ross was colluding. Upon returning to his stream, he said:

"Alright, I am ending this stream. Whatever troll did this, you did it..."

3) ImperialHal


Apex Legends streamer and esports player Phillip "ImperialHal" has been swatted not once, but twice. In July 2022, his stream was disturbed after police officers stormed the TSM pro's home while he was in the midst of a ranked game, ordering him to stop streaming immediately.

ImperialHal was visibly alarmed and confused and quickly turned off his stream. His teammates were equally confused by his sudden absence. He returned to the stream a few moments later and explained the entire situation to his chat and co-players.

4) xQc


In May 2018, Felix "xQc" fell victim to a swatter. This was not the first time he had to face such a scenario. On May 16, during a late-night stream in his California apartment, xQc removed his headphones, only to be greeted by police officers who were shouting in his direction and asking him to put his hands up.

The Canadian eventually revealed that the primary reason he moved back to his homeland was due to constant swatting incidents.

5) Keffals


Clara “Keffals” is a trans Twitch streamer who recently took to YouTube to bring attention to a damaging swatting incident.

Keffals, who lives in Ontario, Canada, claimed that she was detained by police for approximately 11 hours before the matter was resolved. The incident was even covered by NBC, who interviewed the streamer. In the interview, she said:

“Swatting incidents have ended with people dying before, and what happened to me was a particularly egregious case of swatting."

She also stated that the threats against her have gone up exponentially due to her position in the LGBTQ+ community.

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