“So is Poki’s chat!”- Ludwig responds to Pokimane’s hot take on the former’s YouTube chat

Ludwig responds to Pokimane's comments during a recent livestream (Images via LudwigAhgren and Pokimanelol/Twitter)
Ludwig responds to Pokimane's comments during a recent livestream (Images via LudwigAhgren and Pokimanelol/Twitter)

YouTube Gaming star Ludwig responded to Twitch sensation Imane "Pokimane's" hot take when the latter read out a comment regarding the former's YouTube Gaming chat room.

During a recent livestream, the popular YouTuber called out Imane's comments and provided his take while he viewed Pokimane's clip on stream. The Los Angeles native provided a witty reply by saying:

"It's always been full of f***ing normies, so is Poki's chat!"

Ludwig reacts to Pokimane's comments on his YouTube Gaming chat

The minor tussle between both the content creators started a few days ago, when the Legacy Award-winning streamer commented on Ludwig's chat.


In the short, 17-second-long clip, Pokimane shared her opinions regarding YouTube as a streaming platform:

"Like, YouTube caters to a lot of things, but you can't cater to a niche and a lot of things at the same time."

A viewer in her Twitch chat who went by the name PilazPilaz made a comment that said:

"Ludwig chat is full of normies these days."

Pokimane highlighted the fan's comment and read it out loud to her viewers. She then added:

"I think that is true."

During a recent stream, the Streamer of the Year reacted to the same clip and called out Pokimane by saying that his chat has always been full of "normies" and claimed that her chat was no different.

He then lashed out at PilazPilaz, hilariously saying:

"And also Pilaz has always been rat b***h. You kidding me? F***ing first person to read out of Pilaz's message in five years. Pilaz is the dumbest motherf***er in here!"

After calling out his viewer's antics on stream, the former Twitch streamer stated that he would ban PilazPilaz immediately if he found them lurking around in his YouTube Gaming chat room.

During the final moments of the video, the 26-year-old content creator suspended PilazPilaz for four days and 20 hours because of his shenanigans. Fans in his chat room had mixed feelings about the situation.

Fans react to Pokimane's hot take

Fans on Ludwig's subreddit believed that the streamer's chat has always been the same.

Some Redditors were interested in seeing the stats for the streamer's YouTube Live channel as it would allow them to calculate the number of returning users and new users.

Ludwig is one of the most influential streamers, and he is largely credited for popularizing subathon streams on Twitch. Before he switched streaming platforms, he had the highest number of subscribers on Twitch and was the first streamer to surpass Tyler "Ninja" Blevins' record.

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