Ludwig thanks his fans for 3 million subs on YouTube, offers them something adorable in exchange

Ludwig thanks his fans for 3 million subs on YouTube (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ludwig thanks his fans for 3 million subs on YouTube (Image via Sportskeeda)

YouTube Gaming star Ludwig, full name Ludwig Anders Ahgren, recently hit a massive 3-million subscriber count on the Google-owned streaming platform. Ever since he kick-started his streaming journey way back in 2018, the streamer has become one of the biggest and most loved personalities in the streaming space.

From breaking sub-marathon records on Fortnite legend Ninja to bagging the Streamer of the Year award, he has done it all with utmost perfection, dedication, and passion.

Delighted and humbled by his achievements, the 26-year-old thanked his subscribers and viewers and hopped on to his official Twitter handle to share his impressive achievement with the rest of the world.

Read on to learn how the YouTuber expressed his gratitude on this big day through his cat and how fans reacted to his feat.

Fans celebrate Ludwig's YouTube channel hitting 3-million mark

Ludwig switched from Twitch to YouTube as his primary streaming platform way back in November 2021 and even signed an exclusivity deal with the ever-growing platform. To Twitch, losing Ludwig — who used to hold a record for the number of subs he had on the platform — was an extremely hard blow. From there, the ultimate debate on which the better streaming platform originated.

However, fast-forward to today, Ludwig has been streaming and making content for YouTube with the same level of dedication and love as he had on Twitch, as is evidenced by his growth on the platform.

Taking to his official Twitter handle, the streamer shared some adorable pictures of his cat in exchange for all the love he has been getting from fans across the world over the past four years.

thanks for 3 million subs on YouTube <3in exchange I give you pictures of coots

Naturally, the tweet went viral, with more than twenty-five thousand likes within eight hours of posting it. A number of other prominent streamers, including Ironmouse, Jacksepticeye, and LAZAR, were seen in the comments section congratulating and hyping Ludwig for gaining such an impressive subscriber count in such a short amount of time.

@LudwigAhgren Congrats on 3 million!!!! Coots is the cutest :O
@LudwigAhgren CONGRATS LUD!!!!!!
@LudwigAhgren Congratulations Lud, you’re a great role model in our space, keep crushing it!
@LudwigAhgren Congrats! 🥳

Not only his friends but several of his fans also chimed in with their best wishes and showered him with wholesome messages and motivation. As expected, his tweet continues to gain more and more traction as time goes by.

Here are some of the most relevant responses from fans from all corners of the world.

@LudwigAhgren Congrats on 3milli! Here is Blade ❤️
@LudwigAhgren why is coots posted up like that??😭
@LudwigAhgren CONGRATS LUD !! here’s Bella 1 out of the 4 I live with
@LudwigAhgren Congrats!! Well deserved!!
@LudwigAhgren Congrats on 3 million!🎉COOTS IS SO CUTE!💛
@LudwigAhgren This is why the man has 3 million sub, he knows what the internet wants… kitten pics 🤣 I need this kind of post to remember the world isn’t all drama and shit…
@LudwigAhgren You make millions- we get cat pics. Tough but fair. 😆❤️
@LudwigAhgren Congratulations to Coots on 3 million subs.
@LudwigAhgren congratulations!!! very well deserved :)
@LudwigAhgren Congrats dude :)
@LudwigAhgren Bigger number better person 🫡

Needless to say, Twitch is still much bigger than YouTube when it specifically comes to streaming space. However, the gap is getting smaller day by day. With streamers like Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Dr Disrespect, and many others, YouTube has certainly grown to become one of the top streaming platforms.

And with Ludwig's recent milestone, it now seems like fans might get to witness YouTube surpassing Twitch as the primary streaming and content creation platform in the near future.

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