“Make a game and shut the f**k up”- Asmongold provides his opinion on Blizzard Entertainment’s controversial Diversity Space Tool

Asmongold talks about the controversial Diversity Space Tool on stream (Image via Asmongold/Twitch)
Asmongold talks about the controversial Diversity Space Tool on stream (Image via Asmongold/Twitch)

Twitch star Zack "Asmongold" had a few strong words for Blizzard Entertainment as he reacted to their controversial Diversity Space Tool.

During a recent livestream on his main channel, the Twitch content creator took a look at the tool and read about the idea behind it. Zack lashed out at World of Warcraft and Overwatch 2's developers and provided his hot take on the topic by stating:

"Make a game and shut the f**k up."

Asmongold comments on Blizzard's Diversity Space Tool

In the second week of May 2022, Blizzard Entertainment published a new blog post discussing the topic of diversity. They stated that they had developed a tool that helps them rate and categorize in-game characters according to certain characteristics. This tool is known as the Diversity Space Tool.

Almost immediately, members of the gaming community began to question the developer's attempts at addressing diversity. Following the immense backlash, Blizzard published a public apology on Twitter.

During a recent livestream, the Twitch streamer took a look at the tool and provided his opinions. As expected, he did not appreciate the company's attempts and went on a rant regarding the same. The Austin, Texas native stated the following:

"I think I speak for a lot of people whenever I say that I don't want to have some game developer whose personality traits are the mental disorders that they have on their Twitter bio dictate morality to me. I don't want to hear it! I don't care what you think."

(Timestamp: 02:26:32)

Following this, the One True King (OTK) co-founding member mentioned that game developers should primarily focus on making games. His rant continued:

"And you know what? I think that like 90% of people think this. They're f***ing tired of it. They're tired of being patronized. They're tired of being talked down to. They're tired of being treated as if they are a bad person."

Asmongold then said that it is the players who end up getting punished for the things that happen at Blizzard Entertainment.

He also spoke a bit about the social contract that World of Warcraft players have to agree to when signing up for the MMO. He continued to speak about the Diversity Space Tool for the next 40 minutes.

Reddit reacts to Asmongold's comments regarding the Diversity Space Tool

Asmon's take on the subject attracted a variety of reactions from fans, and the reaction thread featuring the clip garnered more than 480 comments.

A flurry of opinions surfaced regarding Blizzard Entertainment, and Redditors shared their thoughts on the company.

Fans also took this opportunity to discuss the streamers' opinions.

Asmongold is one of the biggest content creators on Twitch. He is known for playing World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs on the livestreaming platform.

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