MrBeast gives away his Willy Wonka-style chocolate factory in latest video

MrBeast partnered with Gordon Ramsay in his latest video, giving away a chocolate factory in a competition (Image via MrBeast/Twitter)
MrBeast partnered with Gordon Ramsay in his latest video, giving away a chocolate factory in a competition (Image via MrBeast/Twitter)
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Fans knew that MrBeast's next big video would revolve around a chocolate factory he had built. What they didn't know but probably could've guessed was that the video would involve a competition with the grand prize being the deed to the factory.

At the end of his Willy Wonka-style competition, the YouTuber offered the winner a choice between the deed to his chocolate factory and a large cash prize.

"Will you sell me your chocolate factory for half a million dollars?"

MrBeast gives away his Willy Wonka chocolate factory before getting it back

In his long-awaited video, the YouTuber turned a warehouse into a chocolate factory directly inspired by the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. He had teased the video for months, saying it would be bigger than his Squid Game competition video.

In recent months, news that he was building a chocolate factory made its way to social media. It was also announced on Twitter that he would be collaborating with reality TV chef Gordon Ramsay on the project.

In our recreation of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory we have Gordon Ramsay, a chocolate waterfall/river, and a custom built warehouse full of candy challenges to decide who wins it. Can’t wait for you to see this video 😊

The competition would be between ten people that were randomly selected via golden tickets placed inside his Feastables brand chocolate bars, just like in the movies. Staying faithful to the source material, the grand prize for the winner of the competition was the deed to the chocolate factory.

The competition started with ten participants entering the factory and being told to play hide and seek. Other competitions included things like climbing a wall made of candy, an eating competition, and tossing giant Mentos into a colossal bottle of Coca-Cola.

The final challenge is where Ramsay stepped in, putting his reality cooking show prowess to use. The final contestants battled in a cooking competition, each baking their own desserts for the Hell's Kitchen host to judge. While he wasn't as harsh on the contestants as one would expect — if they watched his shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell the average score he gave the desserts was fairly low.

In the end, Ramsay chose a winner, and they went on to receive the deed to the chocolate factory from MrBeast, who was dressed as Willy Wonka for the entirety of the video.

While the idea of winning the factory is fun, the reality is that it is a dressed-up warehouse, and the upkeep costs would be a nightmare. He let the winner know what those costs could be like so he, the winner, could make an informed decision.

"It's probably going to cost you over one hundred grand a year to maintain."

MrBeast offered the winner a deal, where he would get back the chocolate factory, and the winner would get $500,000 in cash. He accepted, walking away half a million dollars richer.

While these sorts of giveaways and competitions are commonplace on MrBeast's YouTube channel, he manages to find inventive ways to keep his content fresh.

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