"10 minutes is longer than I thought": MrBeast reveals the exorbitant loss he faced after giving away Feastables chocolates for free

MrBeast gave away $1.3 million worth of chocolate in a Feastables promotional giveaway (Image via MrBeast/Twitter)
MrBeast gave away $1.3 million worth of chocolate in a Feastables promotional giveaway (Image via MrBeast/Twitter)
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Jimmy "MrBeast" recently conducted a giveaway for his Feastables brand of chocolate. He announced the giveaway on his Twitter account a couple of weeks ago, telling fans to use the promo code "FREE" to receive free Feastables.

The promo, which included free shipping and ran for ten minutes on the brand's website, proved costly for the YouTuber. He revealed that the promotional event ended up costing him over $1 million.

We assessed the damage after shipping out the chocolate and we gave $1,300,000 of chocolate away for free lolI guess 10 minutes is longer then I thought 😅…

MrBeast lost $1.3 million on Feastables giveaway promo

On April 15, Jimmy tweeted out that his Feastables company would be doing a promotional giveaway of their chocolate on their website. All fans had to do was use the promo code "FREE" within ten minutes of the tweet to receive some free Feastables chocolate, shipping included.

Once all of the chocolate was shipped out, the company tallied up how much money the promo set them back. MrBeast revealed on Twitter that they gave out $1.3 million worth of chocolate. If the amount does not exclude shipping costs, it will be safe to assume that the total loss to the company may have been even higher.

In the tweet, Jimmy admitted that he was not expecting to give away so much chocolate. Although he could probably absorb the loss, he joked that the runtime of the promotion may have caused the final costs to be a little more than he originally anticipated.

"I guess 10 minutes is longer than I thought."

The YouTuber's large audience could also be a factor in his losses. MrBeast has over 200 million subscribers across all of his channels, with nearly 14 million followers on Twitter. Even if the giveaway only lasted ten minutes, that message surely reached a lot of people.

Fortunately for Jimmy, he will not be hurting too badly from the seven-figure loss he just incurred. He was YouTube's highest earning content creator in 2021, making an estimated $54 million. He is also known for spending large quantities of money on his YouTube videos and charitable acts. Perhaps he will turn the giveaway into a YouTube video to help offset some of the losses.

Fans react to MrBeast losing $1.3 million on Feastables giveaway

Some fans who cashed in on the promotional event thanked Donaldson and gave their take on the Feastables chocolate they received.

@MrBeast i got mine and was pleasantly surprised how good it was…
@MrBeast Thanks MrBeast!!…

Others reacted to the total cost of the promotional event and were shocked that the YouTuber gave away over a million dollars worth of chocolate.

@MrBeast that's a lot of chocolate

While the cost of the giveaway may have been high, there is a definite possibility that the promo will result in more customers for Feastables, earning MrBeast more money in the long run.

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