MrBeast reveals that next video will be his "most expensive and insane"

MrBeast announces his upcoming video for 100 million subscriber celebration (Image via MrBeast/Twitter)
MrBeast announces his upcoming video for 100 million subscriber celebration (Image via MrBeast/Twitter)

In a recent tweet, MrBeast revealed that he has been working hard on his upcoming video to commemorate reaching 100 million subscribers. Currently sitting at 98.8 million subs, the YouTube giant will likely reach the goal soon.

We’ve been working on our 100 million subscriber special all year and it’s my most expensive and insane video ever!I can’t wait to hit 100 mil and upload this :))

Jimmy "MrBeast" blew up on YouTube back in 2017. His videos can be broadly classified into a few types: personal challenges, game shows, and donation videos. Jimmy has mastered the art of making a video go viral with his absurd and shocking titles and ideas, such as a real-life Squid Game show.

Twitter is abuzz after MrBeast announces a 100 million subscribers special video, hinting that it will be the grandest video he has made to date

Jimmy was born in Kansas and currently resides in North Carolina, where Ryan Trahan famously handed over a penny to him after a month-long journey across the US. He joined YouTube back in 2012 but blew up in 2017 after his video about counting to 100,000 went viral.

Since then, he has refined his video skills and become a master of YouTube algorithms, racking up insane views on his videos and becoming a millionaire in the process. He practically pioneered a new donation/challenge genre on YouTube, which has led him to come close to 100 million subscribers.

In a recent tweet, he revealed that his new video to commemorate the occasion would be the biggest and most expensive video he has ever made:

"We’ve been working on our 100 million subscriber special all year and it’s my most expensive and insane video ever! I can’t wait to hit 100 mil and upload this :))"

MrBeast's videos already have insane production value, especially his giveaways and donation videos. Most recently, he created a real-life Willy Wonka factory with huge edible props.


So when he announced that his next video would top everything he had done so far, the entire YouTube community was buzzing with excitement. Many replied to his tweet, congratulating and praising the momentous achievement:

@MrBeast Excited for you guys. I've been a fan since almost the start and love how you have never lost that "spark" you guys still make content i find myself watching with excitement and intent. Thank you Mr.beast and team for making amazing content year over year. You deserve it all!
@MrBeast Congrats ahead of time! You definitely deserve more than 100M, nobody on @YouTube even comes close to your “quality over quantity” approach to videos. I was feeling down recently and had abandoned my own channel, but watching your content fired me back up again! You’re awesome 👊🏻
@MrBeast I’m sure the video would be giving back to the community as always..congrats in advance @MrBeast ❤️
@MrBeast I watched Mr. Beast Back when 10 million subs was considered outrageously phenomenal. I'm Happy Jimmy gets his 100 Million the same way I was happy he gets 10 million subs back in the day times 10.
@MrBeast Will the video be “giving away 100 million cookies”? been waiting to receive my cookie since 30K subs
@MrBeast Let’s go! RT if you can’t wait to watch 🐐
@MrBeast Hell yeah I'm pumped!
@MrBeast Good luck with that Jimmy!Also please checkout, our Soil is going extinct due to loss of organic content in it. #SaveSoil movement is an effort towards tackling this existential threat to humanity.
@MrBeast MrBeast what happens if you hit 200 million before 100 million??
@MrBeast Congrats 👊🏻
@MrBeast Your team always sets the bar. Absolutely insane work ethic.
@MrBeast Looking forward to it!

The streamer StoneMountain asked him to bring in PewDiePie, who crossed the 100 million sub mark back in 2019, for a collab:

@MrBeast U gotta get pewdiepie in it

Some even came up with their own absurd ideas:

@MrBeast 100 mil sub video idea: create the fantasy world from kung fu panda (china) in real life, teach a panda kung fu, and force it to fight other animals
@MrBeast its definitely not 100 people on a private island and last to leave keeps it

MrBeast is just shy of 99 million subs on his main channel at the time of writing. He also has a couple of channels dedicated to philanthropy, gaming shorts, etc. Collectively, they add over 75 million subscribers to his main tally. With roughly a million subs to go, he is as close as ever to becoming the second non-brand channel to cross the 100 million mark on YouTube.

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