MultiVersus leak suggests Black Adam and Stripe will join Season 1's roster

Two more characters have been leaked as part of the first season (Images via Warner Bros.)
Two more characters have been leaked as part of the first season (Images via Warner Bros.)

MultiVersus is having a robust launch as players in selected regions have been enjoying the different content that's up for grabs.

With the power of Warner Bros. Entertainment behind them, the game boasts some of the most popular characters in the world. It's all set to increase according to the latest rumors on social media, as Black Adam and Stripe are set to appear in the game in the near future.

Since the first reveal trailer was released, fans have been excited to see which characters will be included. A major USP of the game is the presence of different characters and how Warner Bros. has managed to respect several series and animated shows with their choice of characters.

The roster is constantly being increased to ensure there is variety for players. Black Adam is in the news with his upcoming movie, which will star Dwayne Johnson as the DC character. Stripe will also feature the Gremlins in the universe of MultiVersus, and it will be interesting to see how the characters are developed.

Black Adam and Stripe will likely be added to MultiVersus in the future months

Thanks to social media, the recent rumors have come in the form of a leaked poster from Twitter user InTheShade. They have been involved with previous leaks related to MultiVersus, which have turned out to be true.

The latest document seems to be a poster that will be released when the two characters eventually appear.

And here's the highest quality version of the Black Adam and Stripe image so far! #MultiVersus Huge thanks to @infkae for the help!

What's interesting is the character design that the developers are pursuing with Black Adam. While many have felt that the upcoming movie might portray one character design, MultiVersus will likely have a more traditional look based on the comics.

With Stripe, another storyverse will be entering the realm. Stripe's design is much more along the expected lines, and it will be curious to see what kind of movesets will be given to both characters.

With the Black Adam movie coming up in October, one can expect both of them to appear over the next two months. If they arrive, it will be two new characters added to Rick and Morty, who are already confirmed to arrive in season one.


It should be noted that there has been official confirmation, and readers are requested to take this information with a grain of salt. Such rumors always have a half chance of materializing or getting rejected in the first place, so being skeptical will be the smarter way to go.

If the rumor turns out to be true, MultiVersus players will get two new options in the long list of exciting characters that are already there in the game. The game can now be played in selected regions and is expected to expand to new nations in the coming days, increasing its popularity even further.

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