Natus Vincere wins PMPL European Championship Season 1; top 7 teams qualify for PMGC 2021

Natus Vincere have won Season 1 of the PMPL European Championship
Natus Vincere have won Season 1 of the PMPL European Championship

The final day of the PMPL European Championship Season 1 concluded today. The top 16 teams from the European region fought for a prize pool of $150,000 and seven allocations to the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021.

After 24 matches of grueling action, Natus Vincere, aka NAVI, the CIS giants, won the championship emphatically with 288 points and 144 kills. The team received the top prize of $40,000.

Unicorns of Love, the team from Western Europe, fought hard and secured second place in the championship with 244 points and 107 kills. Throughout the four days, the team displayed consistency to notch five Chicken Dinners in 24 matches and take home $28,000.

A silver medal for Unicorns of Love🥈🔥 What fire and skill they've demonstrated! Simply marvellous in their play; they've stopped in just a few steps away from first place! Well played, and congratulations 🥳#PUBGMOBILE #PMPL

The third place was captured by another CIS team, Madbulls. They started slow but got better with each passing day, ending their campaign with a series of consistent podium finishes to clinch 231 points and 99 kills. MadBulls bagged $18,000 from the event.

PMPL European Championship Season 1 overall standings (Image via PUBG Mobile)
PMPL European Championship Season 1 overall standings (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Tixzy from NAVI was crowned the MVP of the championship as he put forth an all-round display of skill, insane fragging, and game sense. He secured 49 kills with impressive damage of 9323 HP averaging at 2.04 kills per match. For his feat, he was awarded a cash prize of $2,000.

🏅And the tournament's MVP title goes to... TIXZY! By delivering magnificent shots, keeping his cool in direst fights and bringing his team to a new level, he gets the well-earned place under the sun!👏🏻 Congratulation on a tournament well-played!#PUBGMOBILE #PMPL

With the top teams, namely NAVI and Unicorns of Love, already qualifying for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 via their respective regional PMGC points, the top seven teams below them booked their berths for the global event.

Turkish powerhouse Futbolist also came strong and secured the fourth rank with 209 points, while countrymates S2G Esports, who had been in third place the day before, fell to sixth place on the last day.

Qualified teams for PMGC 2021 from PMPL European Championship Season 1

  1. MadBulls
  2. Futbolist
  3. SuoerMassive Blaze
  4. S2G Esports
  5. Eastern Stars
  6. 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports
  7. World of Wonders

Konina Power fails to qualify for PMGC 2021

One of the biggest tournament upsets was the dismal performance of the winners of PMPL Season 2 CIS, Konina Power. The team had also finished fourth in the League Stage of the 2020 Global Championship.

Konina, from the start, looked a shadow of their former selves, getting eliminated early in multiple matches. The team's performance deteriorated with each passing day, and in the end, they finished 15th.

The side will reflect on their performance and aim to perform well in the next split of PUBG Mobile esports.

It will also be intriguing to see how the teams from the European region hold up in the global event.

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