Nickmercs does not approve of Warzone bringing back old locations

YouTube image via NICKMERCS
YouTube image via NICKMERCS

Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War have launched a cinematic trailer for Season 4. The storyline continues where Stitch is still manipulating and killing people while Frank Woods and company are hot on the Nova 6 trail. There is a new antagonist on the block, accompanying Stitch, and players will be able to unlock the Operator from the Battle Pass.

Many players in the Warzone community enjoyed the new transformations that are coming to Verdansk. Satellites are crashing all over the map, and players can expect this burning debris to become functional cover when snipers atop buildings start taking aim.

Call of Duty Warzone streamer and YouTuber Nickmercs has provided his two cents on the new trailer. There was a glimpse of the old Dam location, which many people believe will be brought back in Season 4. While many Warzone players might enjoy their favorite locations making a comeback, Nickmercs is against it. According to him, it is much more exciting to look forward to fresh changes than to be offered to play old POIs. He also mentioned that the Dam was not a drop he liked making in Warzone.

"Now, this was not my favorite place to fight, you don’t see me out here too often unless I died or I’m getting the team back in on a weird scav, or I’m getting the chopper that was out there.”


Nickmercs wants new things to look forward to in Warzone

Unlike most Battle Royale titles, where the game keeps on adding different POIs or new locations, Warzone players battled on the same map for over a year before it was nuked and the devs returned with a 1984 version of the same.

Nonetheless, the looks were a lot different and Nickmercs even appreciated the addition of the Nakatomi Plaza POI in Warzone. However, he thinks it is best for the game to move forward with new content in the game rather than bring back old locations where players are tired of playing.

Nakatomi Plaza/Image via Call of Duty
Nakatomi Plaza/Image via Call of Duty
“I’m kind of looking forward to new things, things we haven’t seen yet. I loved, loved, loved the Plaza they put down there with the vault and the money, I’ve been real vocal about that. I want to see some more of that type of stuff, not going back to build what we were already playing on man.”

Players will have to wait patiently for the new season to drop to see if devs will stick to what the community is asking or go with their gut.

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