No Man's Sky's new Expedition brings in a pirate faction and a treasure hunt across exotic stars and ocean beds

The world of No Man's Sky (Image via Hello Games)
The world of No Man's Sky (Image via Hello Games)
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At the moment, Hello Games' No Man's Sky is a gift that keeps on giving. The latest major update, Outlaws, was announced a couple of days ago, which brought swashbuckling piracy and an outlaw system into the mix. Within a day, Hello Games also launched a new Expedition for the game's fans to jump into.

Expedition 6: The Blighted Now live on all formats 🙏…

Expedition 6, titled Blighted, ties into the piracy tone set by the recent Outlaws update. In the timed event, players will follow the trail of The Blight (a pirate faction) while engaging in a treasure hunt in a distant galaxy. There is also a mysterious treasure that players will be in search of.

A new Expedition awaits players in No Man's Sky

Expeditions are a series of limited-time events that begin at a fixed point in the game universe, allowing the community to "embark on a shared journey." The events usually have unique rewards for players once they complete the milestones.

No Man's Sky Outlaws🏴‍☠️Outlaw Space Stations🤯Cloth Simulation🦜Outlaw Story🎰Smuggling🛰Solar Ship🔫Recruit Wingmen🛸Planetary Frigates🕹Improved Space Combat📜Forged Passports🙏More Ship Slots☠Bounty Missions👾Planetary Pirate

Hello Games provided a glimpse at the new Expedition in their post about the Outlaws update. It was announced that the event will be commencing soon and that players will be treated to a brand new narrative-driven expedition which will also bring a number of exclusive awards.

Regarding the new Expedition, the developers have stated:

"The new expedition, Blighted, aligns with the piratical theme of OUTLAWS. Travellers will follow the trail of a pirate faction known as The Blight and their mysterious treasure, gathering clues and decrypting milestones. Expeditions give us an opportunity to mix up different styles of gameplay, and this fast-paced treasure hunt should again feel a little different from previous expeditions."

The post regarding Blighted further states that this mysterious faction of pirates is aware that the Travelers are looking for their treasures and have already installed hostile measures to trap "would-be treasure seekers on the radiated hills of Issh 77/R6." Players will have to restore their damaged ship to:

"Embark on a journey across exotic stars and ocean beds, into the heart of Sentinel and outlaw territory – and ultimately, for those who persevere, to The Blight’s legendary pirate treasure."

Expedition 6: Blighted will be available for approximately five weeks (starting yesterday). The event will have the following exclusive rewards:

  • Sputtering Starship Trail - This will add a special trail that players can see in No Man's Sky. The lore states that this was hand-assembled in an emergency by an outlaw. It has an occasional chance to explode, but that has no adverse effect on flight handling.
  • Outlaw-Themed Posters - Unique posters that players can use to decorate their bases in No Man's Sky, turning it into an outlaw’s sanctuary.
  • Exclusive Flag Designs - More decorative choices that will suit a range of tastes – from the delicate Heraldry Flag to the bold Piracy Flag.
  • Wayward Cube - This is surely going to make the No Man's Sky community happy. Stated in the lore as coming from another reality, the cubic lifeform can be placed in a habitable base.
  • Outlaw Cape - This is a battle-worn cape, stolen from The Blight themselves.
Face space pirates, expand your starship fleet, form NPC squadrons and more in the new No Man’s Sky Outlaws update, live today:

Although No Man's Sky has received a couple of major updates that will surely keep players content and involved for the upcoming months, Sean Murray has already said that the journey will not end anytime soon. The team will continue to work tirelessly on new content and features.

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