Old School Runescape looks stunning in the Unreal Engine 5 fan remake

The Legends' Guild inside the Unreal Engine 5 fan remake (Image via Zant on YouTube)
The Legends' Guild inside the Unreal Engine 5 fan remake (Image via Zant on YouTube)

Ever since Unreal Engine 5 came into being, many talented artists have recreated their favorite older games with bleeding-edge graphics inside the state-of-the-art game engine. The latest on that list is Old School Runescape.

Gamers who were around during the early 2000s have surely heard about Runescape, which became a phenomenon. Now, almost twenty years down the line, the game continues to amass a significant player base of dedicated MMORPG players.

As agreed by almost everybody, graphics are not one of the strong suits of the longstanding MMORPG. More recently, fans have complained that the game could do with a graphics update, as Old School Runescape still has poor graphics, a limited color palette, and low render distance.

With Zant’s work, fans can now play the beloved game remade in a modern engine with advanced graphical features.

Talented artist recreates The Legends’ Guild of Old School Runescape inside Unreal Engine 5

Only the most dedicated players of Runescape are familiar with the location of The Legends’ Guild, since the elusive location is only available to players who have completed a decent chunk of the late-game content.

While the elusive manor is a thing of beauty even in its pixelated version, the Unreal Engine 5 rendition is a vision to behold as it showcases the true scale and minute details of the pristine manor sitting atop East Ardougne.


The showcase footage shared by Zant will surely make any Runescape player awestruck by its surreal aesthetics. When talking about the choice of visual assets, Zant mentioned:

“I tried to hit the balance right between realism in terms of foliage and materials, and a slightly stylized look in terms of the lighting and overall shape of the architecture."

They spoke about the final version of the game, humbly adding:

"The intended result was a mostly realistic look that still captures the essence and charm of RuneScape. I think I did an alright job achieving this vision thanks to the new technologies of UE5 as well as the amazing library of foliage available on Quixel Megascans.”

The creator spoke about how they crafted the aesthetics of the game, saying:

“Of course, there were a few custom pieces of geometry in here too. I created the assets for the buildings, hedges, fountain, flags/standards, and fences. Using vertex blending with a custom master material in Unreal Engine 5, I was able to paint dirt and other imperfections directly onto the buildings in the scene with a secondary texture set."

They continued:

"Similarly, I was able to get all of the foliage assets to generate wind from a common master material, allowing for ease in changing the wind direction for the entire set of foliage.”

It took Zant eight months to complete this project while working their regular job. Suffice to say, it is a monumental feat of dedication and talent.

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