5 most anticipated MMORPGs that are releasing in 2022 and beyond

Go on adventures solo or with friends in these promising MMORPGs set to launch in 2022 (Image via Dynamight Studios)
Go on adventures solo or with friends in these promising MMORPGs set to launch in 2022 (Image via Dynamight Studios)

With newcomers like New World, the MMO genre continues to grow in popularity. Heavyweights like Final Fantasy XIV and Elder Scrolls Online also continue to dominate the genre. However, that has clearly not stopped the influx of new and upcoming projects.

The popularity and abundance of the fantasy hack & slash format remains for MMORPGs and this is why it's no surprise that developers continue to expand upon it. 2022 has some notable releases in the pipeline that should satisfy the action-oriented grind for many interested players.

Take a look at 5 anticipated hack & slash MMORPGs coming in 2022

1) Ashes of Creation


Developed by Intrepid Studios, this is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG that prides itself on its freedom of choice. This is made possible with a "node system" that tracks the player's decisions. Players will get to explore a vast world filled with a variety of unique monsters. They can even explore the world on a steed or on the back of a bird to soar through the sky.

There are countless resources to collect for crafting and settlements to establish and upgrade, as well as many large-scale battles to partake in. For example, dozens of players can band together to take on one of the fearsome dragons in the game. The title is currently set for for a second Alpha test in the future, scheduled for sometime later in 2022.

2) Fractured Online


Described as a truly dynamic MMORPG, Fractured Online aims to set itself apart in many ways. For one, the highlight is the highly interactive environment of the sandbox open world. There are many roles to undertake, from hunting monsters to being a merchant. Cities in the game are player-managed and can be raided or destroyed, adding further to the dynamic nature.

The action is isometric as it is inspired by the likes of Blizzard's Diablo games. Combat is fast-paced and features dozens of abilities that will prove useful against the many magical creatures of the realm. The game is also economy driven with regards to items and trading. Crafting also forms a huge part of gameplay, with players able to manually work on each individual part of construction (for a building). Developers are currently aiming for a release sometime in 2022.

3) Mad World: Age of Darkness


Boasting an eye-catching 2D esthetic, Mad World: Age of Darkness is an upcoming MMORPG from Jandisoft. Players must strive for freedom in the demon-infested world of this hack & slash adventure. That being said, the combat is easily the highlight of the game.

There are 6 different weapons to choose from and each boasts a different playstyle to overcome hordes of monsters. Players can also access a sprawling skill tree with many abilities to make their characters stronger. Red crystals must be acquired for growth, which are provided as rewards upon the completion of trials. Will you survive this journey against evil? Check it out when it launches later in 2022.

4) Corepunk


Another top-down entry on this list, it is an upcoming open world action MMORPG from developer Artificial Core. It features a fog of war system that keeps encounters surprising and fresh. It seems to take a page out of the books laid down by roguelites with unforeseen encounters that challenge players in countless ways.

There are many possibilities awaiting players. Perhaps a horde of enemies to take on, or a loot chest with rare treasures. Additionally, it also features all the MMO staples such as crafting, resource mining, guilds, dungeons and so much more. PvP and PvE modes are accounted for as well. It is planned for a late 2022 release.

5) Embers Adrift


Stormhaven Studios' latest project is the upcoming game Embers Adrift. Players must embark on a journey to find a powerful artifact called Ember. As such, players must brave their customizable character across a vast open world. This adventure is filled with scenic locales like lush forests and moon-soaked meadows.

Embers Adrift boasts a hardcore design without any mini-map elements. Therefore, players must band together and pave the way forward by co-operating. Forge your own identity with a vast array of skills and abilities, take down terrifying enemies in action-driven combat and gather resources to improve and help your character survive. It is scheduled for release sometime this year.

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