Top 7 games like GTA 5 with bigger open worlds in 2022

Characters from some open-world titles with large maps (Images via CD Projekt RED and Avalanche)
Characters from some open-world titles with large maps (Images via CD Projekt RED and Avalanche)

GTA games contain massive and highly-detailed open worlds that are fun to explore and cause chaos in. GTA 5, the last game in the series till date, features the largest map ever in a Rockstar Games title.

However, there are plenty of games that feature larger worlds, and some of them are quite similar to the GTA experience. This article presents a list of seven such open-world games with humongous maps that players can try out in 2022.

Top 7 best GTA 5-like games, but with larger maps

7) Cyberpunk 2077


Cyberpunk 2077 saw a disastrous launch as the game seemed to be nothing like what the developers had advertised it to be. The game was extremely buggy, and nearly unplayable on last-gen consoles due to severe framerate drops.

However, with repeated updates, the game has been made much more stable. Some bizarre features like the police teleporting to the player's location have also been fixed. While it's still nothing like what the developers had promised it would be, Cyberpunk 2077 is still an entertaining experience.

This game is quite similar to GTA 5 in many ways, although it plays out much more like a traditional RPG. While GTA 5 does have several RPG elements, it's still largely an action-adventure game.

6) Far Cry 6


The latest game from the Far Cry series may not be the best one from the series, but it's a fun game to play. In a series that is known primarily for its antagonists, Far Cry 6 shines in that regard. Giancarlo Esposito's portrayal of Yara's charismatic dictator is truly impressive.

The story is the weakest aspect of the game, as it is completely reliant on him. Another complaint is that there aren't many innovative changes to the age-old mechanics of the Far Cry games.

However, fans of the series will still be impressed with an open world that is fun to explore, and a tried-and-tested gameplay format.

5) Just Cause 4


Just Cause 4 is the latest game from the Just Cause franchise. This series is inarguably the most similar to the GTA games. It features gigantic open-world maps and a focus on sowing chaos by destroying buildings and other structures.

In fact, it can be called an amalgamation between GTA, Far Cry, and Mercenaries. The main reason that Just Cause 4 falls short of its predecessor is the removal of its liberation system. This popular mechanic allowed players to take over towns and villages from oppressive governments in earlier games.

It also adds an immersive and lively feeling to the game world. However, Just Cause 4 boasts several improvements in every aspect, and is still a worthy game to play.

4) Just Cause 3


Just Cause 3 is slightly superior to its successor in some ways. The Mediterranean setting feels a bit unique, although some players may find it repetitive. The game is also considered the most immersive in the series, and it features an interesting cast of characters, including a memorable antagonist.

Some of the complaints include an irregular framerate, which affects PCs as well as consoles. Meanwhile, the story missions feel a bit repetitive compared to its successor. Overall, the game is quite enjoyable and should definitely be played by fans of Just Cause and GTA.

3) ARMA 3


ARMA 3 is nowhere similar to GTA 5, apart from the sandbox open-world aspect, and the modern and realistic setting. ARMA games are a series of tactical military simulation games across massive open-world maps.

The game also allows players to take on any role and use a multitude of vehicles and weaponry. The core emphasis is on multiplayer, and this involves heavy teamwork. GTA Online players might find it alluring, although slow-paced and tactical gameplay isn't suitable for everyone.

It also stands in stark contrast to GTA Online's fast-paced action, making it unsuitable for players who aren't interested in military simulations. ARMA 3 is the best game from the series and is regularly updated by the developers.

2) Fallout 4


The 4th Fallout game is considered by the fanbase to be one of the weakest among the series in terms of storyline. However, gameplay has drastically improved, especially when it comes to gunplay. A unique feature introduced in the game is the ability to build settlements.

This introduces a whole new way to experience the world of Fallout, and players have come up with creative ways to build their bases. While the main story can be a bit dull, some DLCs, like Far Harbor, make up for this. Some of the characters are quite well-written too, while others seem quite generic.

The main advice that every Fallout fan would give regarding Fallout 4 is to play it with mods. There are plenty of mods over at that are considered essential for a more entertaining experience. There's a lot to see and do in the world of Fallout 4, and players must take it slow to fully immerse themselves in the game.

1) The Witcher 3


The Witcher trilogy is extremely popular among gamers, and its creators, CD Projekt RED, have achieved worldwide recognition as a result of it. As the final and conclusive part of the trilogy, The Witcher 3 did not disappoint in any regard. It was a step-up from its critically-acclaimed predecessor in every possible way.

The map is larger, the storyline is more tense and gripping, and the gameplay has been refined quite a bit. However, the core game mechanics are very similar to The Witcher 2. The main highlight of the series has always been its gameplay and its choice-based narrative.

The ability to influence the game's world and see its effects is a key reason for players wanting to play through the trilogy. The combat in the game feels quite rewarding, especially the monster-hunting side activities. This easily makes it one of the best action-RPGs ever made.

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