Watch: OTK announce partnership with Razer in video featuring Cyr, Asmongold, and Nmplol

OTK announced their official partnership with Razer via a video posted on Twitter (Image via Twitter)
OTK announced their official partnership with Razer via a video posted on Twitter (Image via Twitter)

One True King (OTK) has continued to establish itself as a force in the world of esports and content creation. Since its creation in 2020, the organization has landed some big partnerships with brands like Mountain Dew and Gatorade.

Following the success of the OTK Games Expo, one of the sponsors of the show has now decided to partner with the organization. In a video featuring Cyr, Asmongold, and Nmplol, OTK announced its partnership with Razer.

OTK announces partnership with Razer on Twitter

The esports and content-creation organization has come a long way since it was founded in October 2020. The group was founded by Twitch streamers Asmongold, Esfand, Mizkif, Rich Campbell, and Tips Out.

Following the organization's first Games Expo — an indie games showcase aiming to partially fill the void left by E3 — Razer is now partnering up with the organization.

On the org's Twitter account, OTK released a video featuring Cyr, Asmongold, Jschlatt, and Nmplol. In the video, Cyr is seen trying to escape Alcatraz, the now-defunct maximum security prison in San Francisco. He leaves his cell and tries to break Asmongold free, who declines in favor of streaming from a laptop in his cell.

Eventually, he meets up with Nmplol, who assists him in breaking out of the prison. Nick eventually pulls out a laptop and goes through a typical Hollywood hacking sequence. It is revealed then that the video is an announcement of their new business partnership with Razer.

Razer is a consumer electronics company that makes products related to gaming, including keyboards, headsets, gaming chairs, and more. In another Tweet, One True King provided a link to Best Buy's Gamer Days sale, featuring numerous Razer-brand gaming peripherals on sale.

This is the the second partnership announcement for the organization this month; WePlay esports was announced as a strategic investor and partner earlier.

Fans react to OTK partnership with Razer

Many of the organization's members, including a few who appeared in the video, welcomed Razer to the One True King family.

Fans of the organization also seemed pumped about the news, embracing Razer as well as praising the quality of the video announcement.

The creativity that went into the announcement video seems to have got fans on board with the partnership between One True King and Razer.