OTK announces Emiru as a new co-owner, also signs Twitch streamer ExtraEmily

Emiru becoming the co-owner and ExtraEmily
Emiru becoming the co-owner and ExtraEmily's joining was announced on January 31, 2023 (Image via Sportskeeda)

During a Shareholders Meeting livestream on January 31, 2023, popular streamer organization One True King (OTK) announced two major updates to its roster.

Emily "Emiru" was revealed as the new co-owner, and the signing of popular content creator Emily "ExtraEmily" was also announced. The update went viral on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit, with multiple discussion threads on the latter receiving hundreds of fan reactions.

"I'm an owner!" - Emiru talks about becoming the new co-owner of OTK

Emiru's announcement came at the 38-minute mark of the Shareholders Meeting via a video of the streamer costumed as a character from a fantasy world.

After hilariously "slaying" the co-founders of the organization, she stated that she "took the crown" for herself, becoming the "King" of the Kingdom:

"So after slaying the evil dragon, the Old King, and the two jesters, she took the crown for herself and became the King of the Kingdom."

The camera then panned towards Emiru, announcing the co-ownership. She stated:

"Yup! So, guys, I'm an owner! I am equity. I go to meetings and stuff! Whoo! Yeah, it's fricking awesome! Well, that's my cue, bye!"

ExtraEmily joining OTK goes viral in the streaming community

ExtraEmily's announcement was made an hour later, with Chance "Sodapoppin" officially revealing the news by saying:

"All right. Okay, ExtraEmily has joined OTK. She is here. We are very happy for this announcement. Another terribly kept secret, I think."

The New York native introduced herself and said:

"Well, everyone, I'm ExtraEmily and I'm so excited to be the newest member of OTK! Just the fact that I'm even here is crazy! Like, I never would've thought and I really mean it when I say I feel very grateful that I can actually join an organization where I'm surrounded by friends! Right, guys?"

Timestamp: 01:43:35

Streaming community reacts to Emiru and ExtraEmily's announcement

The Twitter community had many reactions to Emiru and ExtraEmily's announcement. Here are some of the most relevant ones:

Emiru becoming the co-owner of the streamer organization was a hot topic of discussion on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, with over 515 fans weighing in on the situation.

Redditor u/apollo1224 wondered about the "point" of becoming an owner when "everyone that joins" eventually becomes one:

According to Reddit user u/Billybigduck, OTK announced that Emiru was getting a "pay raise":

Here are some more relevant fan reactions from the streamer-focused forum:

In addition, One True King revealed the content roadmap for 2023, with events such as Lift-A-Thon, The Games Expo, Cosplay Clash, Game Night, Loot Goblins, and more.