OTK's newest addition Sodapoppin reveals how he kept the announcement a secret

Chance Sodapoppin joined One True King (Image via OTK/Twitter)
Chance Sodapoppin joined One True King (Image via OTK/Twitter)

On July 22, 2022, popular esports organization One True King, known as OTK, took the world by storm after announcing their recruitment of Twitch powerhouse Chance "Sodapoppin."

As one can already imagine, the announcement was met with a plethora of reactions from viewers around the globe. However, keeping such news under wraps is an uphill task.

In that regard, shortly after making the announcement, Soda revealed how he managed to keep everything strictly confidential.

Sodapoppin reveals how he kept the announcement under wraps


The official announcement came via Mizkif's July 22, 2022 stream, before the group began their OTK Ghost Hunter special livestream. Later on, a dedicated nine-minute long video was uploaded to the official OTK YouTube channel making the grand announcement.

After the video ended, the broadcast went back to the group where they briefly talked about Sodapoppin's arrival and how they mapped out everything:

"We’ve kind of had to keep it a secret from you guys for a while now. Wait a minute, is Russel still alive?"

In response, the new OTK member revealed his struggles with keeping the news a secret:

"Oh yeah, so that was another thing we did. I told Russel to go stream on my computer on my alt account so people would be like he is no way like Sodappopin, he is live on his alt. It wasn't me like the past five hours."

The strategy bore fruit as most viewers were just amused to see Twitch streamer ComedyRussell going live on Sodapoppin's alternative account for almost five hours.

Fans react to Sodapoppin joining One True King

As expected, the update was a viral hit on the internet, eliciting a wave of responses from fans, followers and even high-profile streamers.

Several chimed in to congratulate Sodapoppin on this new chapter.

Fans reaction (Image via OTK/YouTube)
Fans reaction (Image via OTK/YouTube)
Fans reaction (Image via OTK/YouTube)
Fans reaction (Image via OTK/YouTube)

The announcement garnered tremendous traction on Reddit as well. Sharing a wide spectrum of comments, here's what fans had to say:

Sodapoppin is currently one of the most successful and popular streamers on Twitch. He began his streaming career on the now-defunct XFire platform, but switched to Twitch way back in 2012. Choosing to explore new avenues and genres, the streamer has seen a gradual rise to prominence on the platform.

Now, as an OTK co-owner, he is all set to start a brand new chapter in his streaming journey.

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