Outriders: Best mod combinations for increased damage and high DPS

Image via Outriders
Image via Outriders
Jorge A. Aguilar "Aggy"

Outriders is a game that allows players to use mods in combination to make their weapons and armor better, but this has led to an overpowered combination.


Players in Outriders can modify their weapons to suit their playstyle. Normally, this works well, but some players have reported that certain mods outperform others. This has led to weapons that were already overwhelmingly powerful becoming outright broken.

Since this is also post-nerf, players don’t have to worry if this has been removed by the new update. However, players should take advantage of this while they can because the Outriders developers have been nerfing any kind of exploit or advantages they become aware of.

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The two weapons combined with mods that makes Outriders easy


Technomancers can make the most of their stealth and accuracy by using The Landlubber to their advantage. Legendary weapons like the Landlubber are already very powerful, but when they are given the Legendary Minefield Mod, they become unstoppable.

As opposed to the standard Minefield, the Legendary Minefield activates when critical shots are dealt, rather than when an enemy dies. Consequently, if a player shoots at an enemy, he or she has a huge chance of hurting the enemies around that target as well. This creates a situation in which players destroy whole groups in seconds.

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While the DPS depends on how fast the player shoots, the damage is too high to ignore.

Inferno Seed

The next weapon that can be modified to make it unstoppable is the Inferno Seed. The Inferno Seed is a legendary assault weapon. When the Inferno Seed is paired with the mod Wrath of Moloch, which can make it a lot like the previous weapon, it only gets stronger.

When combined with Wrath of Moloch, Inferno Seed creates explosions and causes enemies to catch fire. The effects activate when a critical hit is made, just like the legendary minefield weapon.

However, this weapon fires faster. The Inferno Seed and Wrath of Moloch combination is a lot more powerful than the Landlubber with Legendary Minefield.

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This combination gives players high damage and DPS. It's overpowered to the degree that shouldn't be possible.

Because they are legendaries, they may be hard to get, but they are well worth the effort. These two weapons should be enough to get players through expeditions with relative ease.

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