Outriders bug crashes the game when a 3rd person joins the expedition, players report persistent crashing issues

Players report various crash issues in Outriders even after new update (Image via Sportskeeda)
Players report various crash issues in Outriders even after new update (Image via Sportskeeda)

Despite releasing multiple updates to fix the disappointing state of Outriders, the developers have found themselves facing countless complaints about recurring game crashes.

Ranging from random crashes to specific game crashes when a third player joins an expedition, the entire experience has been extremely frustrating for the community.

Although the developers have done well to roll out regular updates to try andaddress these issues, there are some players who believe that the game crashes even more than it used to before the updates. Having said that, the team behind Outriders has been extremely active in trying to resolve these issues.

From dedicating a Reddit thread towards monitoring every known issue, to possible fixes, to addressing their progress as well as keeping their priorities transparent with the community on social media, Square Enix and People Can Fly are desperately trying to provide players with the optimal experience in Outriders.


Outriders' game crash woes continue

Despite various promises and several updates to fix Outriders after a disastrous launch, the game continues to be a frustrating experience for many players. Considering the fact that expeditions are an integral part of Outriders, facing random game crashes whenever a third player joins the server is bound to get disheartening.

Additionally, multiple reports have also suggested that whenever the player completes an expedition, the game crashes, and they end up losing everything that was earned from the respective expedition.

All of these instances can be an extremely game-ruining experience for players, which can further cause frustration towards Outriders. However, given that the developers are constantly trying to fix and remove all possible bugs and glitches from the game, it is expected that the crash issues will be resolved soon.

Having said that, once Outriders manages to become an optimal version of itself, the game does have a lot to offer to players. Needless to say, the number of players in Outriders despite the numerous bugs and glitches is only a reflection of how engrossing and enjoyable the game can be.

Nevertheless, until and unless Square Enix and People Can Fly manage to resolve all the recurring issues in the game, Outriders does have the potential to be an extremely disappointing experience for players.