Outriders Update patch notes (April 15th): Update size, inventory wipe fix, restoration process, and other details

Much awaited Outriders' patch is out now (Image via Square Enix and People Can Fly)
Much awaited Outriders' patch is out now (Image via Square Enix and People Can Fly)

Outriders recently released a much-awaited patch. The patch will prevent players from facing an entire in-game inventory wipe as developers continue to restore the inventory of those that have already fallen victim to the bug.

The update is sized at around 2.5 GB on Steam and is also available on the Epic Games Store, Xbox, and PlayStation. The developers have also confirmed that those already affected by the bug will soon have their inventories restored.

According to the official release from the developers, restoring the wiped inventories is still one of the top priorities. The release also stated that since the restoration process is run through a server database, it does not require the help of a patch to be implemented successfully in Outriders.


Fortunately, the developers have confirmed that the entire process will be carried out extremely soon, and Outriders players will be able to use all their lost in-game gear.

Developers resolve major issues with Outriders' new update

Outriders' new update is expected to prevent all forms of inventory wipes, but there are a few temporary issues that players might experience in the game. Having said that, the developers have confirmed that these issues are temporary and can be fixed by simply waiting for a "few minutes" and restarting the game.

According to the developers, this issue is part of their "three-step inventory safeguarding measures." However, it is safe to say that the developers are taking some major steps to address the various issues that have been plaguing Outriders since the game's launch on April 1st.

The developers further mentioned the restoration process of wiped inventories in Outriders with their official release:

"While we are confident that the patch will prevent inventory wipes in future, we do want to use the weekend to continue monitoring the situation and ensure that no more players are encountering any related issues before we move onto the restoration process."

It is safe to say that the developers are focused on restoring all the wiped inventories to ensure that players have an enjoyable experience in Outriders.

With the dedicated efforts that the developers have displayed since the game's launch, it is safe to say that Outriders will soon become what the creators had envisioned for the game.

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