Outriders update that promises to fix inventory wipe glitch and other bugs likely to arrive soon

Developers to release a fix for the Inventory Wipe bug in Outriders
Developers to release a fix for the Inventory Wipe bug in Outriders

Despite the developers' best efforts, Outriders players have fallen victim to various bugs and glitches.

Outriders' official Twitter handle recently confirmed that the entire situation is being closely monitored and that the developers are currently "testing the upcoming patch to address the inventory wipe issue."

Additionally, it has also been confirmed that the entire testing process has been going well.

Apart from that, the developers also confirmed that they are looking into "all available avenues" to gather information and restore the wiped inventories.

On top of all this, the much-awaited fix for the "Couldn't Connect to Server" issue is also expected to be released with the upcoming patch. Tweets posted by the official Outriders' Twitter account confirmed that the issue is a priority for the developers.

The upcoming patch for Outriders will address most issues with the game

Since the disastrous release of Outriders in the first week of April, the developers have done well to bring the game up to a playable condition.

However, certain issues are still ruining the in-game experience for players. Apart from the usual server issues in Outriders, players often face trouble when trying to connect to the multiplayer servers.

Additionally, the risk of getting the entire in-game inventory wiped is a risk most players don't wish to take. Fortunately, the developers have confirmed that all of these issues are currently being tested with extremely positive results.

This further suggests that the patch containing fixes for all these bugs and glitches could be arriving very soon for players.

Considering the immersive gameplay and enthralling storyline that Outriders offers, a glitch-free in-game experience will further aid an already bursting growth rate of the game.

Having said that, there hasn't been a confirmation from the developers regarding when the patch will be released for everyone.

However, it is obvious that once the developers are confident about the patch, they won't delay an important update that will massively improve the quality of life in Outriders.

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