Palia, the crossover between Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing from ex-Riot developers

Palia is the latest MMO announced by Singularity 6 (Image via Singularity 6)
Palia is the latest MMO announced by Singularity 6 (Image via Singularity 6)
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Singularity 6, the developer team with veterans from Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, and Zynga, announced on June 3rd that they are working on Palia, a new MMO similar to Stardew Valley and World of Warcraft.

Described as a "Massively Multiplayer Community Sim," it will bring players together to revive a picturesque village while working to solve an ever-growing mystery.


In Palia, players take up the role of a human who wakes up in a lush world consisting of elves, Iron Golems that are robots, and other fantastic beasts. Human beings are treated as legendary creatures in this world who had disappeared a long time ago and have re-appeared.

The mystery of their disappearance is a large part of what will drive its story forward.

Singularity 6 reveals first game, Palia, a genre-defining Massively Multiplayer Community Simulation game

Palia is comparable to recent breakout hits like Animal Crossing, which built a legion of fans with its wholesome worlds and deep mechanics. The settlements in Palia will be fully customizable and will feature more than 1,000 items upon release.

It will feature all of the elements expected by the players, including hunting, bug-catching, and of course, romance options. All of the romanceable characters in Palia can be approached with romantic interests by player models of any gender.

Consistent with its foundations, Palia will be online-only, which may overwhelm the loners who need to fabricate their dreamlands all alone. The game will evolve around "Neighborhoods," Palia's adaptation of Guilds, which will permit gamers to work in groups to develop networks. Shared exercises can acquire special prizes, like a first-place prize or remarkable community-generated skins.

Initially, the game will be PC-only, and no further news of it being released on consoles has been announced yet.

How to sign up for the Palia pre-alpha

The in-game wiorld of Palia (Image via Singularity 6)
The in-game wiorld of Palia (Image via Singularity 6)

To sign up for the Palia pre-alpha, people need to visit the game's official website. After that, they must put in their email address and fill out an optional survey, which might increase the chances of being selected. The developers will reach out through email to those selected for the pre-alpha of the game.

Here's the link to the official website to register for the game.

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