PewDiePie raised $900,000 in charity donations from live streams last year

Image via PewDiePie, YouTube
Image via PewDiePie, YouTube
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Felix Arvid "PewDiePie" Ulf Kjellberg revealed that his charity streams added over $900,000 worth of donations in 2020.

As stated in a post on YouTube by PewDiePie himself, the streamer first detailed that he is taking a break and moved onto the amount that each charity gained.

Felix started doing regular charitable events last year, and only one of these events has earned less than $100,000. This comes right after the Swede announced that he would not accept donations during his streams any longer, a move done first by Pokimane.

The only option for those who want to send PewDiePie money is to donate to his charities, which works out well for everyone involved. The broadcaster himself donates to the charities once the stream is done. For example, he added $10,000 of his own money to his Black Lives Matter charity stream.

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Image via PewDiePie, YouTube
Image via PewDiePie, YouTube

Pewdiepie and his absence from social media has not affected his charitable causes

It must not be easy to garner enough viewers to not only watch streams but to donate to the charities that the streams are for, but the 31-year-old does not seem to be having any trouble, even with his self-imposed restrictions.

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If anyone missed the post about how much his charities have earned this year, then they are hardly to blame. It would appear that he only updates his YouTube with posts because Pewdiepie keeps his Facebook and Instagram strictly non-business and has removed himself from Twitter.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are usually prime territory for streamers and public figures to advertise what they are doing in their businesses, but not PewDiePie.

The Gothenburg native does not need to fall into the pattern that many have over social media platforms to continue to bring in donations. His name has become big enough to do that all on its own.

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