"Players can expect BGMI Lite to roll out towards the end of December 2021": Abhijeet "Ghatak" Andhare

Abhijeet "Ghatak" Andhare is the coach of GodLike Esports's BGMI roster (Image via Sportskeeda)
Abhijeet "Ghatak" Andhare is the coach of GodLike Esports's BGMI roster (Image via Sportskeeda)

The transition from being a player to a coach is quite a challenging task. Guiding the team in the right direction and teaching them the correct tactics is not everyone's cup of tea.

Abhijeet "Ghatak" Andhare is one of the few ex-professional players who has successfully coached the BGMI roster of GodLike Esports to win some of the most prestigious matches in the recent past. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports' Debolina Banerjee, Ghatak talks about BGMI's role in esports, shares his thoughts about PUBG New State, and more.

Q. From being a player to a coach, tell us about your journey in the Esports world.

Ghatak: When I first started playing games, I had the dream of getting a good number of kills. But gradually, I realized that it was important to assign roles according to the playstyle and study about the game as a whole.

At the time, my team had the need for an in-game leader. I started studying about the intricacies of the game and observed the gameplay of the international teams. After all this research, I pitched in my own style of playing and thankfully I was able to do it successfully.

However, after reaching a certain age, I started getting less time for grinding as my focus was on studies. The reflexes also tend to become a little loose due to age, which is why I stepped down as a player and became a coach instead.

My only dream is to stay in a team that will win an international trophy. It does not matter whether I am the coach, or manager, or in some other position; I just want to bring back an international trophy for India.

Q. Indian esports is still nascent and has a long way to go. Do you think BGMI will help it grow?

Ghatak: BGMI has helped in boosting the Indian esports. During the ban, I used to watch quite a few CS: GO competitions, but with the arrival of BGMI, the esports industry boomed. The craze for gaming in India will keep on increasing.

Q. Do you think that the ban of PUBG Mobile halted India’s growth in the esports world? Did BGMI meet the expectations of the players on its release?

Ghatak: Yes, after the PUBG Mobile ban, the audience engagement was reduced a bit. However, during the same time the Valorant esports scene in India was thriving, and it still is. Jonathan too took up playing Valorant at the time and he was great at it.


BGMI is facing problems due to hackers, but Krafton has tried and is still trying to solve the issue. Very soon, the Battleground Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2021 will also commence and many underrated players will get the opportunity to showcase their talent on the bigger stage.

Q. You are the coach of the BGMI roster of GodLike Esports and the team has performed brilliantly in the latest tournaments. What is one of the best aspects of being a mentor to a talented group of players?

Ghatak: Yes, our team has won the last three tournaments back-to-back. For us, the target has always been performing on the international stage rather than the Indian stage alone. Obviously, you make mistakes along the journey, but we're constantly learning and evolving as a team, together. Hopefully, the next time India gets to represent itself on the international stage, you will see GodLike Esports winning for the country.

Q. BGMI has received quite a severe backlash for the nuisance of hackers, and with the recent release of PUBG New State, do you feel that the fanbase of BGMI would fade?

Ghatak: Look, PUBG: New State is a great game. But as far as BGMI is concerned, a lot of individuals have been looking forward to playing BGMI on a competitive level. BGMI has a strong foothold in Indian esports scenario, and I don't think the craze for it is fading away anytime soon. This is mainly because quite a few big events are already lined up, and a lot of youngsters are really looking forward to it.

Regarding PUBG New State, have you tried out the game? What are the best features of the futuristic Battle Royale title according to you?


Ghatak: Yes, I have played PUBG: New State and it has good, really good graphics. I will not compare it with BGMI yet, as New State has got a uniqueness of its own. It will obviously take time for people to get accustomed to it, and the faster they do, the faster the game will grow as in the esports category. It is quite possible for Krafton to announce a PUBG: New State tournament in January 2022.

Q. You are of the opinion that Krafton has delayed BGIS 2021 due to excessive hackers present in the game. What measures can Krafton take to improve the situation?

Ghatak: I have been in constant touch with Krafton and have exchanged suggestions on many occasions, so I know the amount of effort the developers are putting into banning hackers from the game. Krafton has already banned around 80-90% of the hackers, and I really believe by the time BGIS makes its entry, we would have a permanent solution for the remaining cheaters.

Q. Since BGIS is fast approaching, how is Team GodLike preparing for the tournament?

Ghatak: At BGIS 2021, we will receive invitational slots where we have to play two matches which eventually decide the top four teams to qualify. Naturally, these matches are really crucial for us.

It is difficult to qualify, both for the underdogs and the invited teams, as no team can be judged based on two matches alone. However, we are well-prepared for it, and once we make it through the qualifiers, we are pretty sure that we will win the champions title in BGIS.

Players have been practicing every day individually as well as with their team. They are also analyzing the gameplay and discussing our previous mistakes to improve the performance. We also discussed a lot about compound fights and rotational fights.

Q. You have always been of the firm opinion that BGMI Lite would arrive. Is there really a possibility of a lighter version? How much longer do you think players have to wait?

Ghatak's old Instagram story (Image via Instagram)
Ghatak's old Instagram story (Image via Instagram)

Ghatak: I had no idea the players were this crazy for the release of BGMI Lite. They keep spamming and tagging Battlegrounds Mobile India saying, “BGMI Lite kab aayega?” Krafton notices these pleas and keeps tabs on what people want.

Players can expect news regarding BGMI Lite by the end of December 2021. They may also receive the good news sooner than that! (*smiles*). I am not completely sure about it, but I am positive that BGMI Lite will be released some time in the future.

Q. Jonathan recently mentioned that you are a father figure to the BGMI roster. How do you ensure that there is discipline despite being lenient? What is the one thing that every team should learn before competing in tournaments?

Ghatak: You cannot really call me a father figure (*smiles*). But yes, I try to educate and discipline my players in the best possible way. I always ensure that they do not face the scarcity of anything.

One of the major problems in today’s teams is that once they win a tournament, the players break up and join other rosters for better financial incentives. Teams who play dedicatedly with a fixed squad will be successful at the end.

Q. You are famous for being a talent scouter and, as per Jonathan, the number of fans does not matter as long as the player has skills. Tell us more about some of the best talents you have discovered online.

Ghatak: I have a very clear idea regarding which player is performing well online and what his future prospects are in esports. Even in Team ORB, the clan that I once belonged to, many players are still continuing to play in some major tournaments even today.

Whenever I see a deserving player, I try my best to include him/her in a good team. It is nice to see that the players that I have scouted are performing great.

Q. You are very active with your fans on social media platforms. Do you think that social media presence can affect a player’s mentality positively? What suggestions would you like to give an aspiring player if he is being bullied on the internet?


Ghatak: Ironically, we received hate instead of love after we won the PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Spilt: South Asia. We used to feel that we should answer back as if it was wrong. Now, we have become used to the negativity present online, so we do not care anymore.

Aspiring mobile gamers who get bullied online should remember that negative people will always bully. Do not entertain them, and talk to them nicely. In the coming future, the online audience will give you a lot of love and you will notice that your haters will also start loving you.

Keep grinding, focus on your gameplay, and spare some time for your personal space. Success will surely be yours!