Players don't need to defeat base game in Cuphead to play Delicious Last Course DLC

This DLC follows the story of Ms. Chalice (Image via Studio MHDR)
This DLC follows the story of Ms. Chalice (Image via Studio MHDR)

Cuphead has risen in popularity with the release of its new DLC package, cleverly titled The Delicious Last Course. It comes with six new bosses for players to take down.

Since the reviews have been raving so far, many players are wondering if they even need to finish the base game to play the Delicious Last Course. Some players might rather jump into the DLC before they finish a proper playthrough.

Players can access DLC early in Cuphead


Players don’t have to beat the main Cuphead game to start the Delicious Last Course DLC. However, they will have to play some of the base game.

More specifically, players need to play the base game up until the point where they see the first mausoleum. Thankfully, this isn’t too far into the game. Players should reach this point after completing a couple of levels (roughly after an hour or two).

Once one mausoleum is cleared, players will get access to the various islands in Cuphead. A new character will appear that can transport players between the base islands and the new island. Fortunately, the new island houses the DLC levels.

There are six new bosses in this DLC (Image via Studio MHDR)
There are six new bosses in this DLC (Image via Studio MHDR)

Although there are only six levels in the DLC, the package is still jam-packed with content. Most notable is the new story, which follows Ms. Chalice, who is desperately trying to become a real girl with Cuphead’s help.

The six new bosses are no joke, either. Players should be ready to see more stage hazards than ever before. Icicles dropping to the ground, spikes coming from the ground and little antagonizing gnomes on the ground are just a few of the obstacles players will have to dodge.

One way to lower the difficulty curve is to use Ms. Chalice herself. She has a couple of extra attributes that Cuphead and Mugman don’t get. The most notable of these qualities are four health points instead of three and a double jump to compensate for her single jump.

The developers have already stated that Ms. Chalice's capabilities are made for the higher difficulty on the Delicious Last Course DLC. Those who are struggling shouldn't feel bad about switching over to her.

There are also plenty of new items and charms to use in this DLC. Players should make sure to give Porkrind a visit before trying these levels.