PMGC 2021 Grand Finals Day 2 LIVE standings: GodLike, Next Ruya, Nova, Stalwart, and more in action

Day 2 of PMGC 2021 Finals (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Day 2 of PMGC 2021 Finals (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The second day of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2021 is currently underway. A total of 16 teams who qualified from the East and West League Stage, including one team from BGIS 2021, are competing for the global trophy and huge prize pool of $3.49 million.

Map order for PMGC Finals Day 2

Map schedule of PMGC Finals Day 2 (Image via PUBG Mobile) nter caption Enter caption Enter caption
Map schedule of PMGC Finals Day 2 (Image via PUBG Mobile) nter caption Enter caption Enter caption

Match 1: Erangel - 4.30 pm

Match 2: Miramar - 5.15 pm

Match 3: Sanhok - 6.00 pm

Match 4: Erangel - 6.45 pm

Match 5: Miramar - 7.30 pm

Match 6: Erangel - 8.15 pm

List of teams in Grand Finals

1. Damwon Gaming KIA (South Korea)

2. D'Xavier (Vietnam)

3. Stalwart Esports (Mongolia)

4. Nova Esports (China)

5. Nigma Galaxy (Middle East)

6. The Infinity (Thailand)

7. Six Two Eight (China)

8. Team Secret (Malaysia)

9. 4Rivals (Malaysia)

10. Kaos Next Rüya (Turkey)

11. Natus Vincere (CIS)

12. Furious Gaming (Chile)

13. Alpha7 Esports (Brazil)

14. S2G Esports (Turkey)

15. 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports (Turkey)

16. GodLike Esports (India)

Where to watch the Finals


Tune into the PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India YouTube channels starting at 5.00 pm IST. The finals are currently streamed in around 17 languages on more than 10 PUBG Mobile official Youtube channels. The first day of the finals had a peak viewership of over 600k and an average viewership of around 373k.

Current PMGC Finals standings for Day 2

The current standings of all 16 teams on Day 2 can be seen below.

Finals Day 1

🏆 Overall Rankings of Day 1🏆TOP 3 🍗 KAOS Next Ruya, NV @NovaEsportsTeam, Nigma Galaxy @NigmaGalaxy showing strong competitiveness today!!▶️Watch #PMGC2021 ONLY on our official YouTube 👉…#PUBGMOBILE #PMGC #NEXTTOGLORY

On Day 1, India representative GodLike had a terrible start as they couldn't convert any of their starts. More than 85% of their points came through fragging alone. The Indian team will definitely need to come up with a new strategy today to focus more on placement points. West League champion Next Rüya performed extremely well, placing themselves at the very top of the standings on the first day. D'Xavier from Vietnam focused more on placement points and managed to claim fifth place. PMGC League East champs DWG had an average performance, finishing at the 9th position.

As Day 1 winds down, the rankings of the Grand Finals' top MVP winners are updated!! Click and see if your favorite player is on the top💪!!!▶️Watch #PMGC2021 ONLY on our official YouTube 👉…#PUBGMOBILE #PMGC #NEXTTOGLORY

Star player Paraboy is currently leading the MVP race with 2.4 MVP Points. The talented player bagged 14 kills while inflicting a total damage of 2991 HP. NRx's Frozen, who is at the top of the kill leaderboard, is in third place in the MVP race with 1.9 MVP points.

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