PMGC Finals day 3: Timing, map schedule, and more

PMGC Grand Finals day 3 (Image via PUBG Mobile)
PMGC Grand Finals day 3 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The final day of the PMGC 2021 Grand Finals will start soon. The six matches on the final day will decide who will lift the trophy and take home $1.5 million. Before the play begins, let's look at the schedule and review the tournament till now.

PMGC Finals Day 3: Map schedule

The matchups on the third day will be the same as the first two days, with three matches in Erangel and two in Miramar. All players are competing in the finals on the Oneplus 9 Pro smartphone.

Match 1: Erangel - 4:30 PM IST

Match 2: Miramar - 5:15 PM IST

Match 3: Sanhok - 6: 00 PM IST

Match 4: Erangel - 6:45 PM IST

Match 5: Miramar - 7:30 PM IST

Match 6: Erangel - 8:15 PM IST

Where to watch and viewer rewards


You can watch the finals exclusively on PUBG Mobile Esports YouTube and Battlegrounds Mobile's India YouTube channel starting at 4:30 PM IST. There are also 50 Oneplus smartphones and exclusive in-game rewards up for grabs.

PMGC Finals Day 2 overview

🏆 Overall Rankings of Day 2🏆TOP 3 🍗 NV @NovaEsportsTeam, KAOS Next Ruya and Nigma Galaxy @NigmaGalaxy showing strong competitiveness today!!▶️Watch #PMGC2021 ONLY on our official YouTube 👉…#PUBGMOBILE #PMGC #NEXTTOGLORY

Defending champions Nova Esports dominated the second day to clinch the pole position. Their consistent gameplay put them way ahead of other teams and the title is to lose.

Ruya had an average day slipping to the second spot. CIS challenger Navi also shined on day two while Stalwart Esports slipped to 10th place. GodLike accumulated 34 points on day 2, which put them at 14th. More than 70 percent of their points came from frag points, but they lacked survival skills. Their early elimination in almost all the matches is due to their poor rotation skills.

Introducing our new in-game function - TOP HIGHLIGHTS! It will automatically generate you own TOP 3 elimination moments after each match!!🔥▶️Watch #PMGC2021 ONLY on our official YouTube 👉…#PUBGMOBILE #PMGC #NEXTTOGLORY

Nova Order has replaced Paraboy in the MVP race and he is also leading the kill leaderboard with 37 kills. Order has inflicted more than 6k HP damage and 2.3 MVP points, with a survival time of 258 minutes.

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