PMWI 2022 Main Event: Winning team, prize pool distribution, player awards, and more

Vampire Esports claimed the PMWI 2022 Main Event crown (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Vampire Esports claimed the PMWI 2022 Main Event crown (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The final day of the Main Event of the PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) 2022 came to an end today. After an intense battle, Vampire Esports from Thailand emerged as the winners of the competition and was awarded the winner's prize of $500,000. Saudi Arabia's Falcons Esports and Mongolia's Stalwart Esports finished as the first and second runners-up, taking home a cash prize of $300,000 and $160,000, respectively.

Although they were not in the top five, Team SouL, the fan-favorite squad from India, had a great last day. Able to secure a Chicken Dinner in the final game of the day, they jumped six positions to finish in 11th position at the major tournament.

Overall standings of 2022 PMWI Main Event (Image via Sportskeeda)
Overall standings of 2022 PMWI Main Event (Image via Sportskeeda)

The top five teams from the Main Event have qualified for the upcoming Afterparty Showdown, which is scheduled to start on August 18.

Prize pool distribution for PMWI 2022

  1. Vampire Esports (Thailand) - $500,000
  2. Team Falcons (Saudi Arabia) - $300,000
  3. Stalwart Esports (Mongolia) - $160,000
  4. Nigma Galaxy (Middle East) - $100,000
  5. DAMWON Gaming (Korea) - $75,000
  6. Regans Gaming (China) - $55,000
  7. Istanbul Wildcats (Turkey) - 48,000
  8. Morph Team (Indonesia) - $44,000
  9. Keyd Stars (Brazil) - $40,000
  10. Back2Back (USA)- $37,000
  11. Team SouL (India) - $33,000
  12. Box Gaming (Vietnam) - $30,000
  13. 4Rivals (Malaysia) - $27,000
  14. Donuts USG (Japan) - $25,000
  15. Virtual Gaming Squad (Libya) - $22,000
  16. TJB Esports EU (Europe) - $20,000
  17. Aton Esports (Latin America) - $17,000
  18. 52 Esports (Pakistan) - $15,000

Besides these, teams competing in the Main Event were also awarded a participation fee of $25,000. Furthermore, awards in the form of cash prizes were also given out to players for exceptional performances.

Leading the ranking from Day 1 to the end like a boss.@StalwartEsports.Action is your MVP of #PMWI2022 by #Gamers8 Main Tournament ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Player Awards:

  1. MVP ($10,000): Action (Stalwart Esports)
  2. Gunslinger ($5,000): Stoned (Vampire Esports)
  3. Grenade Master ($5,000): SchwepXz (Vampire Esports)
  4. Eagle Eye ($5,000): Hector (Team SouL)
  5. Medic ($5,000): GZ (Regans Gaming)

Action from Stalwart Esports was declared the MVP of the competition, securing 37 eliminations and dealing an incredible total damage of 7656 HP.

Veteran Thai player Stoned received the Gunslinger award after securing the highest number of kills. As expected, he played a major role in Vampire Esports' winning performances, obilterating the lobby in vital matches.

The PMWI Afterparty Showdown will start next week from August 18 to 20, in which the top five teams from the Main Event, alongside seven other teams, will battle it out for a total prize pool of $1 million.

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