“We’ve made that a terrible thing” - Pokimane condemns usage of the word ‘simp’ and claims it reinforces misogyny

Pokimane highlights how the word "simp" has evolved into a derogatory term (Image via Pokimane/Twitch)
Pokimane highlights how the word "simp" has evolved into a derogatory term (Image via Pokimane/Twitch)
Aarnesh Shrivastava

Twitch sensation Imane "Pokimane" took the opportunity to discuss a rather serious subject during her recent livestream and condemned the use of the word "simp."

Imane was reviewing viewer unban forms and came across a fan who had been banned from her channel for spamming the same word on several occasions.

After providing her rationale for not unbanning the viewer, the Moroccan-Canadian content creator spent a few minutes talking about the negative implications the word simp carried and stated:

"We've made that a terrible thing and what we don't realize is this reinforces so much, like, low-key misogyny."

Pokimane provides her thoughts on the word "simp" while reviewing a viewer unban request

The Twitch star spiced up her recent four-hour long broadcast by carrying out a fan-favorite activity - going over unban requests in the first half of her stream.

After spending 20 minutes reviewing forms submitted by some of the banned viewers, the OfflineTV co-founder had to provide her decision on the viewer named BowenAU's fate.

(Timestamp: 00:54:37)

BowenAU was banned two years ago after they went on a spamming spree in the streamer's Twitch chat and provided the following reason for their antics:

"I was going through a simp hunting phase... it was just a phase :)."

The viewer's message and sentiments did not sit well with the Legacy Award winner and she provided a lengthy reason for not unbanning them. After a while, the streamer decided to address the situation and started talking about the ill-effects the word "simp" has attracted over the course of time:

"Isn't that wierd that young boys are being told simping is so terrible! If you are doting on a woman, that is so terrible! But it's not and you know what's crazy? You can simp for guys and girls. You can simp for your homies. But we've made it like this crazy and s*xist thing where it's like, 'Oh my god, you're a guy who's doing anything nice towards a girl? Huh, f***ing loser!'"

Pokimane highlighted how the derogatory word has been reinforcing "low-key mysogystic" views. She shed some light on the impact it has had on her male friends and how they were afraid to defend her in certain scenarios:

"Because I can tell you, through out my entire career as a female streamer, I have sensed on numerous occasions my male counterparts or male friends being afraid to stand up for me because they will be labeled simps. How else can you describe that but some weird internalized misogyny? Like, that's sad! That's f***ing sad!"

Imane soon stopped conversing about the subject matter and continued checking more appeals for the next hour.

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Twitch chat reacts to Pokimane addressing the influence of 'simp'

Fans and viewers present in the streamer's Twitch chat room agreed with her sentiments.

Fans reacting to the streamer's address (Images via Pokimane/Twitch)
Fans reacting to the streamer's address (Images via Pokimane/Twitch)

The 26-year-old gamer does not shy away from sharing her opinions on serious and controversial subjects. It also seems like fans agreed with her stance and symphatised with her notion.

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