PUBG Mobile 1.6 update patch notes: New game modes, RP month 3, and more

The PUBG Mobile 1.6 patch will release on 14 September 2021 (Image via PUBG Mobile)
The PUBG Mobile 1.6 patch will release on 14 September 2021 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The PUBG Mobile 1.6 update is scheduled to launch on 14 September 2021. The new patch will require 690 MB of storage space on Android smartphones, while iOS users will need 1.68 GB. Players have been anticipating the update since the beta's August release.

Finally, the official website has provided the patch notes for it. The PUBG Mobile 1.6 update will include a new game mode called Flora Menace and the reintroduction of numerous game variants.

PUBG Mobile 1.6 update patch notes

New Mode: Flora Menace

The Flora Menace game mode, earlier available in the beta, will be included with the 1.6 patch. The new mode introduces the Rejuvenation Barrier, which grants players a boost to their health.

The Cell Matrix will provide random weapon drops and respawns. This will give users Nacore chips, which they can use to acquire combat supplies.

Returning game modes

The game’s developers will be reintroducing some of the most exciting game modes into the game with the latest 1.6 update:

  • Metro Royale: Reunion – Some parts of Metro Royale will be improved
  • Titans: Last Stand
  • Vikendi
  • Survive Till Dawn
  • Payload 2.0
  • Infection Mode
  • Runic Power
  • VS AI

Further details about these returns will be provided on the official social media communities.

New social feature

  • A new Highlights feature lets players share their fantastic plays. This can be enabled from the settings. Moreover, they can also share their career results in chats and external platforms.
  • Region Ranking will be tested in a selected country/region. Users can select a well-known area/landmark in their nation. Additionally, players from the same region can participate in Regional Rankings for the opportunity to earn corresponding titles.

Experience improvement

  • A new Playoffs will be added to the PUBG Mobile All–Talent Championship for teams that did not make it to the Finals. New Weekly Match rankings have also been introduced to provide more exposure to players.
  • Cycle 1 Season 2 starts on 17 September 2021 and will be available till 18 November 2021. It will provide better rewards and effects.
  • Improved specific effects, emote performance, and essential control.

Royale Month 3: Chef’s Special (17 September 2021 to 17 October 2021)

  • The price of the Royale Pass will remain the same, i.e., Elite Pass will cost 360 UC, and Elite Pass Plus will require 960 UC.

Players can tap on this link to read the detailed patch notes on the official website.

They will also receive the following items for upgrading to the latest version of PUBG Mobile between 14 September 2021 and 19 September 2021:

  • 2888 BP
  • 100 AG
  • Justice Defender Backpack (3d)